1. Little Sponges of Atomic Energy

    Kids are funny. These little creatures look like us, talk like us, and seem to be little sponges. They soak up whatever is around them and seem to regurgitate the embarrassing things at just the wrong time, or maybe it is the right time depending on who is listening. These little miracles are our future but they very much represent the current state of our adult relationships. At Adventures in Lea…Read More

  2. Creating a Plan for Parenting Your Preschooler, Part Two

    As joyous as the preschool years can be, as your child explores the world and forms relationships with themselves and others, you may be dealing with tantrums, whining, and other seemingly out-of-nowhere emotional shifts. In this beautiful but tumultuous time, it’s important that you are firm in your parenting, and in order to do that, you need to understand exactly what your child needs and how…Read More

  3. Creating a Plan for Parenting Your Preschooler, Part One

    Preschool is an incredible time in your child’s development, and while it is a joy to watch your toddler develop into their own person, there are the less-than-joyful aspects of parenting a preschooler. To help you cope with this tumultuous time and establish a strong foundation for your preschooler’s childhood, it’s important to have some perspective on your parenting. One way to do this is…Read More

  4. Fostering Independence in Your Preschooler, Part Two

    Independence is a quality that will get your child far in life, but it isn’t as simple as pushing them out of the nest when they turn 18. The journey towards independence begins in infancy, and the preschool years are ideal for instilling self-reliance in your child. In our last blog, we began going over ways you can foster independence in your preschooler; in this blog, we will continue. Offer …Read More

  5. Fostering Independence in Your Preschooler

    As much as you love caring for your child, you don’t want them to be completely dependent on you. In fact, the parents’ role in a child’s life is to teach them how to be an independent person. Independence is a lesson that begins in infancy as your child begins to feed themselves, and often doesn’t end until well into adulthood. The preschool years are primetime for learning the intellectu…Read More

  6. Positive Discipline Tips

    As a Tustin preschool, we are aware that discipline is one of the hardest parts of child care, particularly when it is your own child. At Adventures in Learning, we practice positive discipline, which puts the focus on reinforcing good behaviors and discouraging bad behaviors, as opposed to calling the child good or bad. While discipline can be a frustrating experience, when it is done well, you c…Read More

  7. 3 More Common Infant Parent Mistakes

    As a new parent, you are bound to make mistakes. However, you can avoid some common parenting mistakes by educating yourself. In our last blog, we started going over some of these common missteps. In this blog, we will continue our list. Neglecting your relationship with your spouse It’s common for new parents to have marital problems, and that makes sense. Your priorities have shifted as your w…Read More

  8. 3 Common Infant Parent Mistakes

    When you have a new baby, it’s natural to want to do everything perfectly, but that is unrealistic. As a parent, you will make mistakes, and that’s okay; you aren’t alone! As an infant day care center, we know that every new parent has made at least one of these common infant parent mistakes. Panicking over every little thing As a new parent, you experience a brand new type of anxiety. After…Read More

  9. More Bedtime Tips for Preschooler Parents

    Bedtime can be a frustrating experience for parents of preschoolers, particularly if their child gets out of bed frequently throughout the night. In our previous blog, we began going over some tips to deal with this situation, and in this blog, we will continue. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you When you are trying to get your child to sleep, it can be extremely difficult to cope with …Read More

  10. Bedtime Tips for Preschooler Parents

    As a parent, you are well-aware of how difficult it can be to convince your child to go to sleep. If your child is not fully relaxed, it’s particularly hard for them to go to bed and stay there throughout the night. If you are having a hard time convincing your preschooler to stay in bed all night, read our tips here for some ideas for how to address this problem. Create a routine Routine has a …Read More