Our School-Age Program will be a safe, structured, and fun environment, full of fun and friends after your child’s long day at school. Adventures In Learning in Tustin meets all of your needs by providing safety, homework support, recreation, and enrichment for you child. Your child will be transported safely from school.

Structured, Yet Fun Environment

When they arrive here at school they will be welcomed to our inviting and cozy after schoolroom by their friends and the teacher of our school age program. They will have some free time on the playground, be offered a healthy snack and a chance to talk about their day. After homework time the possibilities are endless. From teacher planned arts and crafts, to fitness and learning games or even an impromptu karaoke jam session with friends, their day will at Adventures In Learning in Tustin will be a pleasant one!

Before School Care

If your child is enrolled in late or afternoon kindergarten and before school care is needed, Adventures in Learning in Tustin is your answer.

We open our doors bright and early at 6:30 a.m. Our morning teacher will warmly welcome your child. Your child will be offered time to eat their breakfast, if you bring it, and a chance to play with friends before safely being transported to school. Adventures In Learning in Tustin is open when most other schools are closed!

Care for Holidays and In-service Days

We have a school age program when the district schools close for in-service days and non-national holidays. We also offer exciting summer, spring and winter break camps. Please call us to find out all the days we have to offer as a part of our all-inclusive School Age Program.

Kinder +Plus

Our Kinder +Plus class is a Kindergarten enrichment class and is integrated into our Accelerated PreK. We have found this to be the best fit for this age group. Children in this class are of Kindergarten age meaning they have turned 5 years old by September 1.

School Age

Our School Age class is designed for our school-aged students. Children in this group are in first through fifth grades in their elementary schools and are generally between the ages of 6 and 10.