Summer is a great time for you and your family to spend time outside together. The warmer weather, longer days, and break from school mean that you and your family have more time to spend doing fun activities outside. While you may be working from home, you still want your children to be able to soak up some fresh air and sunshine.

At Adventures In Learning Children’s Center in Tustin and Orange, we believe that children can learn a lot simply by exploring and adventuring in the great outdoors. In this blog, we wanted to give you some ideas for fun activities that you can do with your children or have them do on their own this summer. Read on for some summer ideas and enjoy time outside with your kiddos!

Use Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is fun to use throughout the summer. Your children can draw made-up creatures, trace each other, write words, and color anything they want on the sidewalk and driveway. This is an activity that doesn’t involve any special equipment, all you need is chalk, but your children will love it. Using sidewalk chalk can help your child be creative and feel as though their creativity has no limits. Drawing on the driveway has the same feel as drawing on the walls, which makes it fun! Your child will be able to create things bigger than them and let their imagination run wild. Plus, you can wash it off easily and start over!

Ride Bikes

Going on bike rides is a fun summer activity that you can do as a family. You could ride to a nearby park and have a picnic, enjoying the sun and outdoors together. You could ride your bikes to an ice cream shop for a fun treat. Even teaching your child to ride their bike during the summer can be a fun activity. Help your child learn how to ride their bike without training wheels and celebrate by biking to get ice cream. Teaching your child to ride their bike can teach them persistence and can improve their coordination. They will feel proud of themselves when they finally get it down.

Play With Water

Summer is a great time to play with water with a variety of different activities. From kiddie pools to water guns to water balloons, there are so many different things your children can play with that involve water. There are many games that you can play that involve water too. These activities are a great way to stay cool on hot summer days and enjoy the great outdoors. Your children will also love running through the sprinklers. Something so simple can make a summer day fun for kiddos!

Do Art

While arts and crafts are a great indoor activity, it can also be a fun outdoor activity! Whether you make windchimes together to hang in your backyard or you paint flower pots to plant something in, these are fun crafts that can be done outside. Even simply painting outside can be fun for your children, and they can use the world around them as inspiration. Plus, you won’t be as worried about them making a mess since you can just hose everything down after! Find a fun outdoor craft for you and your kiddos to enjoy outside and get creative. This is a fun way to spend time outside even if your kiddos are tired or have spent the morning running around.

Play With Sports Gear

Sports gear is always fun for kids. From a basketball hoop and ball to a soccer ball to some new yard game that they can try, your children will love shooting, passing, and dribbling with whatever sports gear they have. Adding a basketball hoop to your driveway gives your children an endless amount of activities to try. They can enjoy playing Horse, Around the World, Bump, and other fun basketball games that children love. Make sure you have plenty of sports gear so that your children can switch it up and play a variety of different games.

Plant a Garden

Gardening with your children can be fun and educational. They can learn how to grow different plants and the process involved. Your child will learn patience and that with hard work comes rewards. Gardening can be a fun and unique activity that you never imagined your children loving. But as their plants start to grow, they will become more and more invested in your garden. Have your kiddo choose whether they want to plant flowers, berries, or veggies and start gardening. While you might not have a green thumb, it can still be fun to try with your kids. This could be a fun summer tradition for your family to pick up and continue year after year.

Go Exploring

Exploring natural areas is a fun way to spend time during the summer and learn about different areas in your hometown. Your children will love exploring natural areas, checking out new bugs and plants, and spending time with you in the great outdoors. Exploring natural areas can help your child learn a little more about the world around them and can help them begin to grow a love for nature. Whether you explore a nearby park or a beach, your child will love getting outside and getting in touch with their wild side.

Go On a Scavenger Hunt

Whether you set up a scavenger hunt for your kiddos or you simply pick a few different items in your backyard for them to find, a scavenger hunt can be a fun way to spend a summer day. They will be able to explore nature a little more and have fun finding the next thing on the list. If you set up a scavenger hunt, you can make the prize a picnic in the park or a special ice cream treat.

Let Them Play

Kids can generally keep themselves entertained and are creative enough to come up with fun and unique games. Allow your children to simply play outside without telling them what to do. You may be surprised at how creative and imaginative your children really are! When they have time to get outside, spend time with each other, and create new and unique games and activities, they will cherish those memories forever.

Throughout summer, spending time outside with your kiddos can be extremely beneficial for your children and your whole family. They will be able to explore nature, make memories, and learn a thing or two. Use these ideas to plan some fun activities throughout summer and be sure to learn more about Adventures In Learning Children’s Center in Tustin and Orange. Contact us today with any questions you may have.

Additional Summer Activities for Children