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dreamstime_xxl_17020320The kids love this time of year, but as adults it seems we get into a more cynical type of mindset and forget how magical this season once was for us. At Adventures in Learning in Tustin we attempt to make everyday feel as magical as that. Now, learning can be difficult, even for the best of us, and we choose to focus on making the act of learning a positive one. That being said, the holidays should be about magical anticipation and a whole lot of fun. It is also a time when all of these aspects can be used together to teach lessons about money, sharing and giving.

As adults we tend to focus on the fact that we need to get all of our shopping done, make all of the party preparations and generally make the season into a big stressor. When we, as parents tend to get stressed, it is picked up by our children and it is not good for us either. So we decided to take a look at a few things that we as parents can do to minimize stress during the holidays.

dreamstime_6461110First and foremost, before everything gets too stressful it is critical that you take time for yourself. Take the time to recharge from all of the hectic responsibilities that are present this time of year. A bath with a good book for 20 minutes, or a short drive to get a cup of coffee can all seem mundane but are both ways to keep yourself recharged. We get it, with a three-year-old, relaxation can sound like an unattainable thing but if you are creative about it, you can find a few quiet moments. Book a couples massage and spend some much needed time with your significant other, go on a date night, even if it is just with you and a box of popcorn. Make the holidays less stressful for yourself as well as your kiddos and have a magical time!