Independence is a quality that will get your child far in life, but it isn’t as simple as pushing them out of the nest when they turn 18. The journey towards independence begins in infancy, and the preschool years are ideal for instilling self-reliance in your child. In our last blog, we began going over ways you can foster independence in your preschooler; in this blog, we will continue.

Offer choices

A great way to develop critical thinking skills in your child is to offer them choices. Giving your child free rein to make all of the decisions in their life is not realistic; however, you can help them by offering them a choice when it comes to certain decisions. For example, instead of letting your child run rampant in the cupboard, give them the choice between two cups for their juice. As they grow older, these small choices will make making bigger decisions simple for your child.

Give them responsibilities

Just because your child is in preschool, doesn’t mean they can’t help out around the house. In fact, teaching them responsibility now will serve them for years to come; imagine if your child didn’t have to go to college and learn how to do laundry for the first time in their lives? There are plenty of age-appropriate household chores your preschooler can accomplish, such as dusting, sweeping, and making their own bed. Transitioning into independence will be much easier for children who have had responsibilities from the start.

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