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Child Care Center-Fingerpainting with Teacher-Adventures In LearningThis time of year seems to get busier and the sheer number of people out and about is almost overwhelming. The roads seem somehow more crowded, anywhere you go shopping is absolutely packed and there is a distinct smell of something in the air. What could that smell be? Under the mask of the traditional holiday scents like pine needles, cinnamon apples and Chanel No.5, lurks the undeniable stench of illness. The common cold, the norovirus, pink eye and even the dreaded flu. At Adventures in Learning, Early Childhood Education in Orange, we understand that these types of illnesses  happen and they are a normal part of growing up. In a way getting mildly sick when you are young is a good way for your immune system to become stronger. Immune system strengthening aside, it is never fun when your kiddo is sick and we completely understand, but because we care for so many children we have a specific sick policy for the health and safety of everyone. If you have not, please take a moment to review our policy here.       

dreamstime_xxl_61789621As parents, we tend to look at things differently than our children. For instance, after we touch a doorknob we generally do not stick our fingers in our mouth. Children under 10 are generally little magnets for sickness and proper hygiene is the best way to counteract the germs lurking just out of sight. Not much is going to help when your sweet, little pigtailed princess decides to lick the handrail at the gas station, but a regime of hand washing can help keep away the crud. It may be tempting to carry hand sanitizer and use that instead of hand washing; be sure you research the ingredients and know what you are using on your children. We wish each and every one of our families a safe and healthy holiday season!