ae-image2 Kids are funny. These little creatures look like us, talk like us, and seem to be little sponges. They soak up whatever is around them and seem to regurgitate the embarrassing things at just the wrong time, or maybe it is the right time depending on who is listening. These little miracles are our future but they very much represent the current state of our adult relationships.

At Adventures in Learning Early Childhood Education Center we believe in nurturing those little minds and creating a well rounded individual. Take our 3-year-olds, they are like little atomic  bursts of energy and like any barely containable energy source must be focused in the right direction. As educators it is our responsibility to make sure these little fireballs stay on the path to learning. This can sometimes be a challenge and we have fully qualified 2- and 3-year-old teachers in order to harness this energy.  

The Great Disney Trauma

The imagination of some of these children often leaves you shaking your head and asking, where do they come up with this stuff? The answer is that they are listening, they listen to everything that you say. As parents and teachers we are role models for these little minds.

In a way we are responsible for slowly opening the curtain on the world without trying to traumatize the little minds that reside in them. I mean if you watch enough Disney movies you are traumatized by default, something generally pretty awful tends to happen in most of them. The trauma masked by singing skunks and bunnies, (I’m looking at you Bambi).


As adults we know that life can be rough, that at any given moment something could go wrong or that security is generally an illusion. To our little ones, security means much less than it is to us; to us it may mean a solid income, a nice home, or a reliable car; but to a 3-year-old security means a loving place to play and someone to look for monsters under the bed. In reality their little minds

are developing a worldview that begins when they finally realize that they are a separate entity from mom.  

ae-image1Your Child’s Beautiful Mind

At Adventures in Learning Children’s Learning Center we are committed to helping your child on the path to a lifetime of learning. The beautiful mind of a child is as fragile as it is moldable and the right learning environment from the beginning is critical to developing those necessary skills.

We offer an infant room in which all of the critical care points are covered and you never need to worry about the care your baby will receive. It is an incredible responsibility to the caregiver when you leave your very young child with them and our infant staff is fully qualified to care for your little one.