Preschool is an incredible time in your child’s development, and while it is a joy to watch your toddler develop into their own person, there are the less-than-joyful aspects of parenting a preschooler. To help you cope with this tumultuous time and establish a strong foundation for your preschooler’s childhood, it’s important to have some perspective on your parenting. One way to do this is by creating a parenting plan, in which you evaluate how you will help your child thrive. In this blog, we will go over the essentials a preschooler needs to thrive during this time of life, and what you can do to ensure they get them.


As much as your child insists they wish to do whatever they like, whenever they like, they actually crave routine. Structure helps kids feel safe. When your child’s household is predictable, they don’t have to use their emotional resources to worry about when their next meal is coming or what time they will get to sleep. Instead, they can use it to explore and engage with the world. Establishing a bedtime routine and serving meals at the same time whenever you can will go a long way towards giving your child the structure they need.


When your child is acting out, it can be tempting to punish them immediately, but don’t forget a dose of empathy. Setting limits and rules is important, but kids often need to push these limits. Remember that they have not learned the emotional regulation of an adult yet, and while part of the reason why they don’t listen to limits is that they don’t want to, another part is that they are worried about disappointing you. Be firm with your rules, but also express empathy so your child understands it is their behavior, not themselves, that are the problem.

In our next blog, we will continue to go over essential needs your preschool has so you can make a successful parenting plan. In the meantime, when you need a preschool in Tustin, contact Adventures in Learning.