From infant to kindergarten, they do it all!

From the moment I walked in to Adventures In Learning (AIL), I knew it was the right daycare provider/preschool for my family. I had been to several other day cares in the area and AIL was above and beyond the best. AIL has taken care of my oldest daughter Samantha from 3 years old until she was ready for kindergarten. We had our baby boy, Nicolas and he joined Samantha at AIL at 8 weeks old, he is now 10 months old. It has been one of the best decisions we have made. Both our children stay a full day, Monday-Friday. The teachers are not only friendly, but they create a wonderful teaching environment that is extremely interactive. They have really helped prepare Samantha for school. They have many interactive/educational toys that keep the children very stimulated. This is also a big difference between AIL and other day cares. Many other day care facilities have the basics, dolls or trucks. But AIL also has the educational toys from infant to Pre K, most of which I see sold at Lakeshore Learning Store. They keep a very orderly and clean environment for my children. All the toys have a “home” and every “home” is labeled. This order flows over into our own home. I have seen a vast improvement in Samantha’s ability to put her own toys away. The entire staff thinks about what is best for the children. Although it is a job, I can tell they all care for the children. Yet, they always made me feel like I am still the “Mom” with total control over how they are raised. It is the little things, like letting me think I got to see him clap for the first time, when in fact he may have been doing it for weeks. I love how the daycare splits the children into age appropriate rooms. I know that Nicholas is really safe and that the toys he is playing with are not only age appropriate, but also educational. Now that he is “on the move”, it is nice to know the small toys from the older kids are not co-mingled with where he plays. AIL does not use the TV as a babysitting tool (I know, how refreshing!) Other day care centers we looked at all had a TV and used it daily for several hours. It is nice to walk in to pick up my kids and see them playing outside or in the room with a teacher reading to them. The security system is yet another plus for AIL. There is only one door to get in and each parent gets their own code to access the door. Most other locations either have the same code for all parents or nothing more than a sign out sheet and a policy to check ID’s. AIL is above and beyond the best daycare – from infant to kindergarten, they do it all!

Shannon Gancy, Proud Parent at A.I.L.