Child Care Center-Fingerpainting with Teacher-Adventures In LearningIt is difficult to know how to navigate as a parent in this day and age. Traditional discipline is almost nonexistent and judging the actions of other parents has become almost a pastime in the internet age. In fact, the act of shaming another individual has become so common that it seems almost like it has become accepted. Like much of the activity that goes on on social media, much of it can be positive and the rest is negative. Not only do we have to protect our children from the dangers of social media but we need to protect ourselves as parents.

It’s Not All Bad

Social media definitely serves a purpose. It keeps us connected with our friends and family that live in other parts of the country. It is a powerful tool for marketing and business, when used correctly. Social media is a great place to interact with all sorts of people and can have a positive impact on our lives. We can share pictures of our children and our lives for all to see. Of course, when used responsibly, social media can have a positive impact on our lives but recently there has been a lot of talk about the negative impacts of social media.

Best When Used Responsibly

Social media, for all of its positive qualities has a dark side. Social media is no longer an innocent distraction and it is having an impact on people’s lives. There are stories everyday that are heartbreaking, like cyber bullying that eventually leads to suicide. In the complicated world that our children live in social media does not make it any easier. This past week, a study was published that discussed the impact of screen time on children and it found that, if excessive, it could cause anxiety. Social media also has been implemented in raising anxiety rates for children.

Keep Them Safe

Every kid will eventually want to engage in social media at some point and it is critical that they are old enough understand the risks involved. It is easy for kids to portray themselves as overly sexual on social media, which could lead to child predator issues, of course there are plenty of middle aged women who oversexualize themselves as well. Which leads to the fact that, as much as anything, we need to teach our children by example how to behave on social media. Our children watch what we do not only in real life but on social media as well. There will come a day when some form social media will be in every child’s hands and it is up to us to show them how to use it safely and responsibly. So avoid the shaming and put your clothes back on.

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