At Adventures In Learning, we have two day care center locations in Orange and Tustin, CA. We are proud to provide outstanding educational focused child care to our community. We understand that taking your child to daycare for the first time can be an overwhelming experience for both the parents and the kid in question. Our staff is here to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Check out these tips for preparing your kid for their first day at daycare and come visit one of our daycare centers today.

#1: Talk About It Before The Day Arrives

When it comes to transitioning a young child from one routine to the next, the more preparation you put into the effort the better. Blindsiding a young kid with a surprise change to their daily life can make the transition extremely difficult.

Make sure that in the weeks leading up to daycare enrollment, you discuss it with them extensively. Talk about what they will be doing, how other kids will be there to play with, and what their teachers will be like. The more you can familiarize them with the idea, the less painful the transition will be. Talking about what daycare is can also help prevent them from creating scary imagined ideas of what daycare will be like.

#2: Take A Quick Trip To See The Center

Another way you can help prepare your child and make their upcoming transition less overwhelming is by giving them a quick tour of the daycare before their first day. This will help them have a positive mental image of the location they are going, rather than letting their imagination run away with them.

Use this quick trip to briefly meet teachers and see what the place is about. Keep it simple and short so you don’t overwhelm them. End the trip with a reward, such as a stop for ice-cream or to play at their favorite park. This can help create a positive emotion with daycare from the get-go.

#3: Listen To And Work Through Their Fears

If you have a child who is particularly fearful about attending daycare, take the time to talk with them about their fears. Instead of simply telling your kid to not be afraid, figure out what specifically is scaring them. It might be something that is founded outside of reality and by talking with them you can help them understand that their fear isn’t real.

While it is wise to check in with a kid who is fearful and try to get to the root of why be sure that you don’t accidentally transfer fear to a kid who wasn’t afraid. If your child seems like they are unworried about the transition, don’t plant seeds of fear by asking them leading questions. Make sure that you also don’t project your own fears about their transition onto them.

#4: Be Patient As They Transition

Ultimately, every child will handle the transition differently. Some kids will adapt within a few days and others might take more time. Make sure you are patient with your child as they learn to handle their new schedule and routine. Here at our daycare centers in Orange and Tustin, CA, we are passionate about helping kids learn and grow while enjoying their time at our daycare. Reach out today to learn more about enrollment at Adventures In Learning.