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Yellow Sunshines November News

Tustin Preschool

Look what we learned last month!

We have learned a lot in October we learned shapes, colors recognizing our body parts.  We learned the colors yellow, green and red based on the three different colors of apples.  We also learned about the different tastes of apples, example sour, sweet, etc.  We cut three different apples and children got to pick which apple was their favorite.  We made a list of preference of taste.  We also learned to create a collage made up of pieces collected from tearing up the shape of an apple and then making a puzzle with the different pieces glued back together.  We learned our first name and the place of our ears, eyes, mouth and nose.

What we will learn in this month…

This month we will be learning about the different seasons and how color change on the trees.  The teachers will teach about the changes of weather from sunny to perhaps rainy or cloudy.  We will learn about colors orange and brown.  We will celebrate our 50th day of school on November 10th


– Trees, Leaves and Seasons

– 50's Week

– Thanksgiving

– Fall Harvest

Language & Letters:

– Letters F,  G,  H,  I 

– Recognize 1st letter in first name

– Listen to and follow 1-2 step directions

Nursery Rhyme:

Rain, Rain Go Away


– Recognize Shapes

– Sorting & Matching

Science & Sensory:

– Taste

– Smell

– Cooking

Motor Skills:

– Drawing

– Easel Painting

Social & Emotional Skills:

– Sharing

– Awareness of Others



Children in the sunshine class are growing and developing new skills.  They are doing great learning their colors, shapes and numbers.

Bently is able to sit down throughout lunch.

Jireh is able to get through the day without crying. 

Zoey is good at helping her friends make good choices.


Zoey thanks for bringing cupcakes on your birthday to share with the class.

Rosalinda’s mom thank you for helping with picture day.

A big thank you to Olivia’s mom for the beautiful flower.

Thank you to all the parents who participated in our cookie dough fundraiser!


Don’t forget to praise your children every day!

Don’t forget to sign up for our Thanksgiving Feast.


Dates to Remember


11/4:  Election Day

11/10:  50th day of school

11/11:  Veteran’s Day – School closed

11/21:  Thanksgiving Feast

11/27 & 28:  Thanksgiving Break – School closed