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Yellow Sunshines June News

Orange Preschool

Look what we’ve learned!

In the month of May, the Yellow Sunshines learned about weather, sky and space, and how special Moms are. The children enjoyed making special gifts for their Mom and learned a special song for her. For weather, they made kites, clouds, suns, and rainbows. As a class, we enjoyed flying the kites on a windy day. They also had fun painting with different colors, drawing on paper planes, and drawing planets. The children learned what planets are and were we live. We also made rocket balloons. The Yellow Sunshines reviewed our colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. 

What we will learn in the month of June…

For the month of June, the Yellow Sunshines will be learning about water, and how special Dads are. Together, we will be exploring many things we can do with water, and how important it is to conserve water. The children will be making special gifts for our Dads this month. The Yellow Sunshines will review the letters A-Z, all colors, shapes, and numbers 1-10. 


·      All About Dads

·      Water

Language & Letters:

·      Recognize the first letter in your first name

·      Practice saying / knowing first and last name

·      Review letters S-Z

Nursery Rhyme:

·      Gregory Griggs


·      Counting 1-10

·      Sorting & Matching

Science & Sensory:

·      Dumping & Pouring

·      Textures & Touch

·      Cooking

Motor Skills:

·      Easel Painting

·      Hand / Finger coordination – “Pincer Grasp”

Social & Emotional Skills:

·      Kindness & Caring

Outdoor Curriculum Theme this month:

·      Music & Movement



Eleyna is making friends and is happy every morning coming to school.

Laney can recognize all her ABC's.

Taylor is doing a good job playing nice with his friends.

Dominic, Vincent, and Gabriel ar participating more during group time.

Jaylene is working on pedaling the bike.

Jason, Jake, and Adam are super good at cleaning up time.

Max and Myla can now recognize the first letter of their name. 

Alexa and Taylor are doing a good job trying new things to eat.


A special thanks to all the parents that brought yummy food and gifts.

Thank you for all the special and wonderful notes.


Remember to put a spoon and ice pack in your child's lunch box. We do not provide either one.

Please check your child's cubby daily. 


Book Club – Our Favorites…

The Water Hole, Around my town, The Best Toy of All, If You are Happy and You Know it, What Grandpas do Best, Rainy Day, Down by the Bay, Ten Little Fish, The Deep Blue Sea, Sea Splash, Way Down Deep.


Dates to Remember

June 18th – Family Night will be at Chuck – E – Cheese 

June 21st – July Lunch Orders are due

June 24th – Summer program begins

We are excited to offer our special summer camp program to you once again!  There will be all kinds of special visitors and activities like: The Lizard Wizard, The Santa Ana Zoo Mobile, water play days, special arts & crafts, science & sensory activities and much more! Our summer program begins June 24th and continues until August 30th.  Calendars will be coming home soon!

We sure hope your child will be spending some time with us this summer.  Your child has worked so hard and learned so much this year.  You may want to consider reducing your child’s schedule to the minimum 2 ½ days per week instead of leaving for the summer.  Another option is to have your child participate for a portion of the summer.  Even a few extra weeks can make a difference.  Give them the benefit of school enrichment AND some great summer fun!