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Yellow Sunshines January News

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Look what we learned last month!

In the month of  December, the Yellow Sunshines learned about winter and celebrations around the world.  The children sorted and matched colors, shapes, and numbers, the letters A-M with flannels and flash cards.  They also made lots of art to decorate our classrooms and homes for the holidays, and we made a special gift for our parents.  As a class, we made orange juice and blueberry muffins.  Santa came for a visit and a book exchange and it was a blast!!  

What we will learn this month…

For the month of January, the Yellow Sunshines will be learning about transportation and things that go, and my neighborhood.  The Yellow Sunshines will be making different transportation arts and we will discuss how to ride bikes safely.  They will work on their colors, shapes, numbers 1-10, letters A-S, and their tracing.


•   Transportation / Things That Go

•   My Neighborhood

•   Love and Friendship

Language & Literacy:

•   Recognizing and naming body parts

•   Know & Practice saying first and last name

Letter & Nursery Rhymes:

•   Letter O, P, Q, R, S

•   Higlety, Pigglety Pop

•   Jack Be Nimble

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

•   Counting 1-10

•   Positional & Directional Concepts

Science & Sensory:

•   Dumping & Pouring

•   Textures & Touch

•   Sound

•   Taste

•   Smell

Large & Small Motor Skills:

•   Pedal a tricycle

•   Hand & Finger Coordiantion / "Pincer Grasp"

Social & Emotional Skills:

•   Cooperation

•   Kindness & Caring



  • Natalia, Isaac, and Amelia are fully potty trained at school.  

  • Laney is working very hard on the potty.

  • Myla and Dominic can trace their name very well.

  • Brandon and Max are working on their tracing.

  • Blake is making friends and he loves to do art!

  • Charlotte is working on her colors and shapes.


  1. Thank you to all the families for the gift cards, gifts and special cards. Thank you for all your participation with the book exchange, Santa, and the feast.  🙂  It was a lot FUN!  


    We need 14 Medium solid White Gift bags.  If you can donate any of them, please let us know how many you can donate.  This is for Valentine's Day, but we need to get ready for it this month.  Thank You.

    It is getting colder, please send a jacket and label it.

    Please provide extra clothes and a jacket for your child.


    Remember to put a spoon and ice pack in your child's lunch box.  We do not provide either one.


    Book Club – Our Favorites…

    Our favorite books are listed below:

    The Red Mitten, The Napping House, Three Billy Goats Gruff, I'm Snow, The biggest Tree Ever, The penguin who wanted to be Different, So Below Zero, The Lost Mitten.


    Dates to Remember

    We will be closed Monday, January 20th

    Feb lunch Orders are due Jan 24th