We are excited to be offering our special summer camp program to you once again!  There will be all kinds of special visitors adn activities like: The Lizard Wizard, Whatever Little Pony, water play days, special arts and crafts, music, games and much more!  Our summer program begins June 23rd adn continues through August 29th.  Please keep your calendar posed somewhere handy.  Be sure to take a look at the weekly lesson plans posted on the parent board in your child's classroom for details and additional weekly activities!

We have done our best to rotate the days of special visitors whenever possible so all the children, part time and full time, can enjoy the events.  Certain activities, like water play for example, are every Thursday each week in the morning so you can easily remember when your child will be getting wet ad will need water gear!  Other activities like art, sensory and special games will be done every day so all the children can participate!

What your child will need during summer:

Water days (Thursday mornings) – A swimsuit or something to get wet in, "water socks" or shoes that can get wet and a towel.  PLEASE CLEARLY LABEL YOUR CHILD'S BELONGINGS.

Sunscreen –  If you have not already done so please bring in a bottle of sunscreen for our use at school.  Please apply sunscreen on your child in the morning and we will re-apply it in the afternoon.

Water bottle – In order to motivate the children to drink plenty of water during the warmer months we ask that you please supply a reusable water bottle to keep here at school during the day.  The bottle will stay in your child's cubby and we will encourage them to drink extra water all day.

Download your calendar below:

Orange Campus Summer Calendar

Tustin Campus Summer Calendar