AIL has become part of our family.

Dear Adventures In Learning Staff,
I am writing this letter to thank you for the 8 years of care and support that you have provided not only for my children, but for my whole family. Having professional, reliable, consistent child care at AIL has been a huge part of the happiness in our families and the success in our careers. As a working mom, child care is one of my most important assets, and I can say with absolute confidence that at AIL, I have invested wisely. My children have learned so much during their time at AIL that I could not possibly write it all down in one letter. However, there are a few specific areas where we have been espcially pleased with your philosophy and approach:

  • Toilet Training: The advice and support that you provided made potty training a breeze.
  • Manners: In both words and actions, our children were given good lessons, examples and positive reinforcement that has helped them develop into respectful young ladies who are comfortable in any social setting.
  • Independence: Your philosophy builds independence and a s a result, our girls are confident whether they are trying something new, struggling with something difficult, or needing to ask for help.
  • School Readiness: The structured learning time in the areas of letters, phonics, numbers, and other areas along with the free time to explore enriching activities have left both of my girls ready and eager to enter kindergarten.
  • Care: Both of my children grew to respect and care deeply for their teachers, many of whom have been on staff at AIL for their entire time here.

The longevity of both children and teachers at AIL is a true testiment to what a great place it is for families. I have happily recommended several of my friends and co-workers to AIL and will continue to do so. We will miss all of the wonderful teachers and staff at AIL as we venture into the next phase of our children’s education. We truly feel that AIL has become part of our family during our time here.

Heidi and Mike Primeaux