It is never too early to teach your child organizational skills. Organization is a skill that will serve them for the rest of their lives, and they will feel less intimidated when they start having more responsibilities like homework. Teaching organizational skills now preps your child for success. At Tustin preschool Adventures in Learning, we encourage our students to develop foundational organizational skills like putting toys away and sorting objects, but learning begins and ends at home. Here are some steps you can take to foster organizational skills in your child:

Break tasks into steps

A great way to teach organization to children is to keep it simple. Break every task down into three steps: gather the necessary materials, focus on the task, and make sure it is complete. For example, the first step to your child brushing their teeth is to go to the bathroom, gather their toothbrush and toothpaste, and to turn on the water. Next, they must brush for three minutes straight. The final step is to turn off the water, put away the brush and paste, and check that their face is clean. Breaking things down into steps makes it easier for them to understand, and easier to reinforce. Posting a checklist with pictures can help your child keep focused and has the added bonus of teaching them to write things down, a great way to organize.

Keep a calendar

It is also important for your child to be able to organize their time. Keep a common family calendar and involve your child in keeping track of everyone’s schedule. If they can’t read yet, use stickers to keep track of events. This can also help your child understand routine as you teach them patterns in your schedules.

Give everything a home

Make a place for everything your child owns. It may help to label bins with certain types of toys, or have designated shelves for certain activities. This way, your child will know both where to find everything, and where to put everything away.

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