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Our Sense of TASTE
During our taste test we were able to taste many flavors.  Our Tongue is our taster it has four types of taste buds: Sour, bitter, salty and sweet.  
As a class we discovered:
Lemons are sour.
Cereal is crunchy, sweet and hard.
Cheese Puffs are salty and crunchy.
Yogurt is soft, sweet and cold.
Raisins are chewy and soft.
Dried Mango is chewy, hard and soft.
String cheese is  soft, salty and cold.
Crackers are crunchy and salty.
Marshmallows are soft, gooey, sticky and sweet.
Our Sense of SMELL
We have over 5 million smell cells inside our nose.
The children were handed a cup of scented cotton balls and asked "What do you smell?"
Aurora – "It smells like Apples."
Lillian – "Its Chocolate."
Emily – "It smells like leaves."
Hideo – "I smell apple pie."
Taylor – "It smells like grapes."
Vanessa – "Smells like blueberries."
Rohan – "It smells like food."
Yasmin – "I smell like Oranges."
Aiden – "It smells good."
Landen – "It smells like candy."
Nathan – "It smells like cotton."
Shaedon – "It smells like glue."
Hand Sanitizer
Penelope – "Smells like  soap."
Bradley – "Smells like strawberries."

Warren – "Smells like berry."