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Red Robins September News

Orange Preschool

Look what we’ve learned!

The week of Outerspace, we talked about space and named all the

planets. The children made a space picture. We also had a meteor shower with crumbled paper. We had a bike day and we pretended that our bikes were spaceships. We also wore our favorite Pajamas to school.

For the week of knigths and dragons, the children dressed like princesses and princes. We had some very cute costumes. For art, the Red Robins made crowns and shields. They played hide the dragon and catch the dragon. The children built a castle out of blocks and they did an awesome job! Officer McGruff visited the children and spoke about safety.

For the week of wild wild west week, the childrenwore cowboys and cowgirls all week long. For art, we made cowboys hats and sherriff badges. Whatever little came to our school and the children had pony rides and took pictures.

For our last week of summer, they were able to bring their favorite circus animal for Circus week. We had a Pajama day and played with shaving cream. The children enjoyed a really big parachute with beach balls, bean bag toss, and waterballon toss. The Red Robins made different sizes of bubbles. They also made clown faces and cotton candy. They enjoyed a special treat of popsicles and ice cream. We said good-bye and Good Luck to the Red Robins that started kindergarten. 




What we will learn in the month of September…

In the month of September, we will be welcoming all our new Red Robins and learning about Back to School fun and going over all the classroom rules. The Red Robins will be decorating apples and making apple trees for art. The week of September 18th, we will have an apple week. We will learn about the different apples, names, colors, and taste. They will learn about the days of the week and months of the year. And in October we will start the Zoo Phonics.

Together we will be talking about "All about me, I am Special" so we need all the family collages in by September 27th. We will learn about our families and draw pictures of things that make us special.






·      Back to School

·      All About Me, I am Special

Language & Literacy:

·      Recognize, spell & write name


·      Introduce Zoo-Phonics Animals, Sounds & Signals

Social & Emotional Skills:

·      Classroom Rules & Manners

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

·      Count & Recognize Numbers 1-10

·      Recognizing Most Colors

Science & Social Studies:

·      Days of the Week

·      Pledge of Allegiance / The American Flag

Large & Small Motor Skills:

·      Self Help Skills



All the Red Robins are superstars! All the Red Robins had excellent transitions! Great Job!  




Encourage your child to try and open items in their lunch boxes before asking for help.

Please provide your child with a spoon and an ice pack. 

Please have your child walk in with their belongings and have them put their belongings away. 

Please have your child bring in one apple by September 18th. We would like a variety to compare and contrast. 


  1. Please feed your child a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

  2. Please label everything

  3. Your child must have a crib size fitted sheet and a small blanket in a backpack for nap- time every Monday. Also extra clothes in their cubby.

  4. Please make sure your child has an ice pack in their lunch box, so the food does not go bad.

  5. Please make sure they have a spoon too.

  6. Don't forget to sign your child in and out with a full legal signature and a time every day.

  7. Please pull into our parking lot in the driveway by the front door and exit the parking lot through the driveway by the dumpster. Any other way will cause an accident. Always use a parking spot when you are in the parking lot so we do not block the walkway to our entrance.

  8. Share Days are only Fridays. No weapons or Super Heros. Please make sure that your child only bring 1 toy that will fit in their cubby.

  9. Class starts at 9:05 AM, so please be on time.

  10. Don't forget that we are preparing your child for kindergarten.

  11. Family Photos: Please have your child's 12 x 12 family photo collage turned in by Sept. 27th.

  12. Hot lunch orders and payments for October need to be made by Sept 23rd Ordering the schools hot lunch can save you time and money! If you would like to try hot lunch for your child, stop by the office for a sample menu.

  13. Mrs. Bertha's hours are 6:30 AM to 3:30 PM and Ms. Raquel's hours are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  



Book Club – Our Favorites…

David Goes to School, Froggy goes to School, If You Take a Mouse to School, Apples, Apples, Silly Sally, Back to School, The Kissing Hand, I like Myself, Here Comes Fall 


Dates to Remember

  • We will be closed Monday, September 2nd for Labor Day.

  • Apple Donations by September 18th

  • Family Collages Due September 27th

  • First Day of Fall September 22nd