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Red Robins October News

Tustin Preschool

Look what we learned last month!

            Some art projects we did were:  A self-portrait, Book detective fingerprints, owls and apple fun.   We used goldfish crackers to help us with our numbers.  We also had parents bring in family pictures so the children could tell us all about their families and what makes them special.  The children were able to explore with foam dough and sill putty! The month was full of fun art activities!

What we will learn this month…

            For the month of October our themes will be “Feelings/Emotions”, ‘Five Senses”, “Pumpkins/Spiders” and “Seasons”.  We will focus on the letters Aa-Ee.  Some art projects we have planned are to make icky spiders, 5 senses book, and haunted house and Halloween fun.  We will be exploring with pumpkins and learning all about growing them and caring them as well.  We will also begin our weekly homework this month. Download the homework, help your child complete it at home and turn it in at the end of each week.  We are ready to continue learning and having fun!


·      Feelings & Emotions

·      My Five Senses

·      Pumkins, Spiders, Cats & Bats

·      Seasons

Language & Literacy:

·      Identify Birthday

·      Sight words: a, at, be, but, could, do, did, eyes


·      Allie Alligator A  a

·      Bubba Bear B  b

·      Catina Cat C  c

·      Deedee Deer D  d

·      Ellie Elephant E  e

Social & Emotional Skills:

·      Sharing

·      Respect

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

·      Recognizing Most Colors

·      Recognizing & drawing most shapes

Science & Social Studies:

·      Pledge of Allegiance / The American Flag

·      Days of the week

·      Growing things – pumpkins & pumpkin carving

·      Seasons

Large & Small Motor Skills:

·      Jumping, hopping, skipping & galloping

·      Balancing

·      Throwing & catching

·      Drawing human figures

·      Cutting

Outdoor Curriculum this month:

·      Bikes

·      Books

·      Balance Beam

·      Puzzles

·      “My Office” Prop Box

·      “Going on a Hike” Prop Box

·      Guiney Sack races

·      Velcro Darts

·      Bead Maze Toys


Good job Aiden and Landen for working really hard on your writing.  Keep up the good work.  Keep up the good work Hideo and Taylor on your excellent behavior!  We appreciate it!


We would like to thank our parents for working hard with your children on their homework.


 In October we will be putting up sign-ups for donations for pumpkins and decorations for our Halloween snack party.  Be on the look out!  Thank you!

            Your child needs a crib sheet, blanket and pillowcase for naptime.  Also, please make sure your child has extra clothes in their cubby at all times.

Dates to Remember

October 3:  Read for the Record “Ottis”

October 6:  Child Health Day

October 7-18:  Cookie Dough Fundraiser

October 9:  Infants & Red Robins Picture Day

October 10:  Yellow Sunshines & Blue Birds Picture Day

October 17:  Great Shake Out @ 10:17am

October 25:  Wear Pink Day – wear pink to help raise awareness of Breast Cancer

October 31:  Halloween snack party @ 9:00am