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Red Robins November News

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Look what we learned last month

We are having a blast here in the Red Robins Class!  October was pretty amazing and although we are excited for November, we are sad to say goodbye to all of our ghosts, goblins, and spook kee kee kee fun!

         In review, the month of October was full of music (singing), dramatic play (acting out famous-Halloween spooks), and of course let’s not forget the use of thee imagination (fun Halloween stories)!  With incorporating these three instruments (music, drama, imagination) it helps foster creative thought, while enhancing self-confidence with the ability to conquer the fear of speaking/performing in front of a group of peers.

         While we had a blast with these three instruments, we decided to not let the fun die down and implement them in other areas of learning.  That being said, with the change of season we gracefully let ourselves “Fall” into the magical world of science, where we had a lesson on the life cycle of leaves.  As the children became more and more fascinated by the fact that leaves change in color, going from green to the beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow, we decided to do a smash up.  Taking the science lesson and mixing it with language/literacy and phonics through music!  PARENTS in order to get the full effect of what I am saying please take the time to ask your child to spell any of the four colors.  I can assure you, the same three things I did, my students: amazement, an overwhelming sense of pride, and last but not least, you will have all four colors stuck in your head! LOL

         With music in the air and imaginations running wild, the Red Robins have had no trouble diving into class work.  Whether it be strengthening our fine motor skills while working on our letter formations (writing skills) of A-E or mastering our first names and introducing our last names.  The Red Robins have had an enthusiastic attitude towards learning and have even prompted their own group time discussions on sharing and respecting one another!

         In closing, we are all being the very best we can be, while having a RAAAD time doing so! 


What we will learn this month

In the month of November we will be fostering a family atmosphere even more than usual!  We will discuss what it means to be thankful and discover just who and what we are thankful for.  Respect will be a key factor in many of our lessons this month.  So parents, “again”, please do keep us informed of any disrespectful displays of behavior at home.

         November 10th marks our 50th day of school, we will be celebrating all week 50’s style!

         On top of the 50th day of school, we will be displaying our patriotic side as well.

         This month we will also be learning letters F-I, as well as counting skills!

  This month we will also be continuing our Zoo Phonics.  Your child will be learning the letter and sounds of F-I, as well as working on the letter formation.  Homework will also start this month, so please don’t forget to visit the Adventures In Learning website to print out your child’s homework!


  • Hooray for the USA
  • 50's Week
  • Thanksgiving
  • My Family, Your Family

Language & Literacy:

  • Tracking from left to right (pre-reading skills)
  • Identify & understand the parts of a book (cover, pages, author, etc)
  • Comprehension & recall. The ability to re-tell the main idea of a storing, in order.


  • Francy Fish F  f
  • Gordo Gorilla G  g
  • Honey Horse H  h
  • Inny Inchworm I  i

Social & Emotional Skills:

  • Respect
  • Speaking / performing in front of a group

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

  • Sorting, classifying & matching
  • Proximity. Understanding special relationships

Science & Social Studies:

  • National & State symbols
  • Maps
  • Diversity, People & Places

Large & Small Motor Skills:

  • Eye hand coordination
  • Pincer grasp (pre-writing skills)
  • Running
  • Cutting
  • Riding a tricycle
  • Writing name



RAD job to all my RAD Red Robins for making the RAD choice and working hard to get RAD Awards J The following students went in the treasure chest: Kiana C, Jake L, Bryce A, and Alexa M.


  1. Special thanks to all the parents who volunteered their time with our Trick-Or-Treating Event.

    Thank you to Kamryn V. and Alexa M. for bringing in the stickers to decorate the bags for trick-or-treating.

    Thank you to all the parents who participated in our cookie dough fundraiser!



    If you would like to donate, we can use:

    Large brown paper bags

    Prizes for our treasure chest

    Please let us know if your child is having a hard time.

    Remember to put a spoon and an ice pack in your child's lunch box. We do not provide either one.

    Please clear the lunch self every day of breakfast items.  Thank you.

    Share days are Fridays only and it needs to start with the letter of the week.  Remember 1 toy please.

    Please remember to empty your child's cubby at the end of each day because I fill it daily.

    If you have not turn in your family collage, please bring it in.

    Book Club – Our Favorites…

    America the Beautiful, Feeling Thankful, Clifford’s Thanksgiving, Stone Soup 


    Dates to Remember

    11/2 –Daylight Savings Day, Set Clock back 1 Hour

    11/10 – 50th Day of School

    11/11 – We will be closed for Veteran’s Day

    11/19 – Cookie Dough Orders delivered.  All Orders must be picked up on this date.  We will call when they arrive.

    11/19 – December Hot Lunch Orders are due

    11/21 – Fall Feast at 11 AM.  Sign-up sheets will go out 2 weeks in advance.  This is a lunch and we encourage families to join us.

    11/27 & 11/28 – We will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday