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Red Robins November News

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Look what we learned last month!

In the month of October, the Red Robins learned about Manners and Self Esteem. We worked with the children on always remembering to say their pleases and thank yous. They also learned about Feelings and Emotions. The children talked about things that make them feel sad. For example, when our friends say mean things or taking a favorite toy away. Another emotion the children talked about was what things make them happy. For example, getting a RAD award or going in the treasure box. They made their own Jack-O- Lanterns and the Red Robins made their own faces on them. When the children were finished, we asked them to tell us about the emotion they made on their pumpkins.

For the week of Five Senses, we used all of our 5 senses with snack. Red Robins put their hand in a mystery box where they had to guess what it was in the box. They also listened to different sounds and tried to name the sound.

The best week was the week of Halloween. We made pumpkins, bats, Haunted houses, mummies, triangle witches, etc. We also had our Halloween party and we dressed up and went trick-or-treating with our friends and parents. 






What we will learn this month…

For the month of November, the Red Robins will be learning about Hooray for the USA, My Family, Your Family, Thanksgiving, and Transportation. They will be making lots of art. For example, U.S. Flag, vests, turkeys, and trains. As a school, we will have a school lunch with our families on Friday, November 22nd.  Please remember to work on the days of the week every morning with your child. 




  • Hooray for the USA
  • My Family, Your Family
  • Thanksgiving
  • Transportation – Things That Go!

Language & Literacy:

  • Tracking from left to right (pre-reading skills)
  • Identify & understand the parts of a book (cover, pages, author, etc)
  • Comprehension & recall. The ability to re-tell the main idea of a storing, in order.
  • Sight words: for, from, go, get, had, how, in, is


  • Francy Fish F  f
  • Gordo Gorilla G  g
  • Honey Horse H  h
  • Inny Inchworm I  i

Social & Emotional Skills:

  • Respect
  • Speaking / performing in front of a group

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

  • Sorting, classifying & matching
  • Proximity. Understanding special relationships

Science & Social Studies:

  • National & State symbols
  • Maps
  • Days of the week & Months of the year
  • Seasons

Large & Small Motor Skills:

  • Eye hand coordination
  • Pincer grasp (pre-writing skills)
  • Running
  • Cutting
  • Riding a tricycle
  • Writing name



The following students went in the treasure box this month: Carter, Astrid, Hussain, Alexander, Seth, Joseph, Cooper, and Alyssa. 



  1. Special thanks to all the parents who volunteered their time with our Trick- Or-Treating.

    Thank You to the families that help us raise funds with our Cookie Dough Fundraiser! 





    We need Large paper grocery bags

    We need your support with our R.A.D. Awards. Please make sure to keep envelopes in your child's cubby, they do not go home. Let us know when your child is having a hard time with a behavior, so we can work on it at school.

    If you would like to Donate prizes for our treasure box please bring them in. 

    Remember to put a spoon and an ice pack in your child's lunch box. We do not provide either one.

    We only need family photos from a few families. If you need help, please bring some pictures in and we will put them together for you.

    Your child may only bring 1 share toy that will fit in their cubby and starts with the letter of the week. No super heros and no weapons. 

    Thanksgiving Feast will be on Friday, November 22nd at 11 AM. The sign up sheet will go up one week before. This is a lunch and we encourage families to join us. 



    Book Club – Our Favorites…

    Thank you for ordering Books. Every time you order books, it helps the class get free books.

    • There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie
    • America the Beautiful

    • Froggy's Baby Sister

    • Me and My Dad

    • Feeling Thankful

    • Clifford's Thanksgiving

    • Stone Soup 


    Dates to Remember

    November 6th – Cookie dough will be delivered. Please plan on picking up orders at lunchtime.

    November 7th – Last day to purchase your child's pictures

    November 11th– Veteran’s Day (school closed)

    November 12th– 50th day of school celebration

    November 20th – December lunch orders are due

    November 22nd– Thanksgiving Feast

    November 28th and 29th– Thanksgiving break (school closed)