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Red Robins March News

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Look what we learned last month!

In the month of February, the Red Robins talked about Love and Friendship and how they need to love and take care of their parents and people that are very special.  Also, the Red Robins made special cards that they made for their loved ones.  The children created many hearts like: tissue hearts, collaging with hearts, decorating bags for our Valentine’s Party, and many more.

            The week of Post Office and Valentine's, we pretended to be mail carriers and delivered Valentine's to our friends.  We also had a Valentine's Party and had many yummy snacks.  

            On the week of Famous People and Birthdays, the Red Robins talked about our birthdays.  They also had a very un-birthday for all the Red Robins.  The children learned about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  They learned some cool facts about them like: George Washington lost all his teeth, so they made him some teeth from elephant tusks.  Also, Abraham Lincoln was called Honest Abe because he would always tell the truth.

            We also talked about Dr. Seuss and Nursery Rhymes.  The children were able to sing and act out some of the Nursery Rhymes.  As a class, we read some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books like "Green Eggs and Ham", "Are You My Mother", etc.  We had a special visitor from Vons grocery store, Carol Cipra.  She read Dr. Seuss books and brought a special snack for the children.  Also, each week of the month the children learned the letters   Ss –Vv.


What we will learn this month…

For the month of March, the Red Robins will celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday by having a Pajama Day and reading some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books.

            For Number Week, the Red Robins will be going over their numbers and we will be asking the children where they can find numbers.  For example, we will play a game of I Spy.  They will be making their own number book, practice writing numbers, and recognize numbers.  As a class, we will say numbers in Spanish too.

St. Patrick's Day is approaching and the Red Robins will be making rainbows and Shamrocks to decorate the class and take home.  There will be a St. Patrick's Day Party on Friday, March 16th and the children will be searching and trying to catch Lucky the Leprechaun. 

            During Pet Week, the Red Robins can bring in a picture of their pets to share with the class.  We will talk about the pets we have or wish to have.  We will also talk about our very own pets we have in our classroom.

            At the end of the month we will start multicultural week.  At this time we will be sharing our different cultures we have in our class.  The children will be able to bring in pictures, clothes, toys, stories, food, and anything else that shows off our culture.

            The Red Robins will be learning the letters Ww Willie Weasel, Xx Xavier Fox, Yy Yancy Yak, Zz Zeke Zebra. 



The following children were able to pick a prize from the treasure box in the month of Feb. are Ce’Onie, Alyssa, Brody, Ava, Seth, Hussain, Adam, Bryce, Alexander, and Jason.  Wow! Great Job Red Robins!


  1. Thank you to the families that signed up and brought snacks and Valentine Cards for our Valentine's Party.  We couldn't have done it without you.

    Thank You for your participation with the mixed bag fundraiser!!




    ·       Can you please bring in a picture of your child's pet or a pet close to them by March 19th?  Your child will share the pictures in class.

    ·       Can you please donate gold coins for our St. Patrick's Day hunt for Gold?

    ·       Can you please bring in filled plastic eggs for our Spring Egg Hunt?  Spring Hunt will be Friday, April 18th.

    ·       Spring is coming, if you see any cute foam stickers that you would like to donate – we will do a special art with them.

    ·       Please bring in empty juice cartons for an art project.

    ·       Here in the Red Robins, we are doing our best to prepare your child for kindergarten.  Not only in an academic way, but emotionally and socially as well!  Please note: Morning group-time starts at 9 AM and is the most important group-time of the day.  Please work on getting your child to class by 9 AM with a short goodbye.  Please keep in mind arriving late as well as long goodbyes is unacceptable in Kindergarten.  Thank you for your understanding and helping us out to prepare your child for Kindergarten.

    ·       Please remember to put a spoon and an ice pack in your child's lunch box. 

    ·       Please make sure your child has extra clothes in their cubbies.

    Book Club – Our Favorites…

    Green Eggs and Ham, Wacky Wednesday, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Are You My Mother?, Horton Hatches the Egg, Fox in Socks, The Color of Us, Whoever You Are, We Are All Different We Are All the Same. Nursery Rhymes, Clifford's Pets, If I Had a Pet, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Over the Farm, St. Patrick's Day.


    Dates to Remember

    March 17th St Patrick's Day -Please have your child bring in any snack that is GREEN to share with the class.  Example – apple, green beans, Kool-Aid, honey dew, etc.  You will still need to provide a lunch for your child.

    April Lunch Orders are due Mar. 20th.

    Spring Snack Party April 18th