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Red Robins June News

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Look what we’ve learned!

In the month of May, the children helped celebrate the teachers for Teacher

Appreciation week and we felt very special with all the special treats. For

Mother's Day, the Red Robins created special gifts for their moms. We really hope all the moms enjoyed them. Every child had something special to say about their mom and why they are special. For example: "because she takes me to nice restaurants, she cooks me yummy dinner, my mommy loves me, cause she takes care of me when I'm sick, cause she decorates my room, she takes me to the dentist, mommy takes us to birthday parties, and she takes me to Disneyland."

As a class, we talked about a variety of bugs and we learned new things about them. For example, bees buzzing sounds are made from the wings flapping, butterflies use their antennaes to smell and to feel. Did you know there are over 400 different ladybugs in North America and there are over 30 thousand kinds of spiders. The Red Robins created two different types of butterflies and they painted pictures of different insects and creepy crawlies.

During the week of colors, the Red Robins looked at the wall with the shapes and colors and they tried to draw the shapes and write the shape and color down on paper.
The children also practiced their letters with rainbow writing. As a class, we played the eye spy game with colors. The children took turns guessing what their friends where spying.
As a class, we reviewed all the basic shapes and the letters Ii – Rr.

June 18th is appraoching us quickly, so we have been practicing our three graduation songs


What we will learn in the month of June…

For the month of June, The Red Robins will be

practing more of their graduation songs up until our graduation. On our graduation, the graduating Red Robins will show off their moves and sing our songs to all the parents. We will also have a special Luau Lunch at 11:00 AM in the Red Robin class to celebrate our graduation on June 21st.

We will learn about different types of foods and the children will make a collage with healthy and not so healthy foods. As a class, we will make our own lemon-aid pops and decorate a plate to make it look like a pizza.

We will also talk about our dads and make them special gifts for them. Shh it's a surprise. The children will also draw a picture of themselves with their dad or grandpa.

For music and movement, the Red Robins will make their own guitars and decorate them. We will put on a concert in the park to celebrate our graduation and we will rock out in our class for our Luau party. 


·      Fun Food Week

·      All About Dads

·      Music & Movement

Language & Literacy:

·      Matching sound to corresponding letter

·      Recognize & produce rhyming words


·      Review letter, sound and Zoo-Phonics animal for letters S through Z

Social & Emotional Skills:

·      Speaking & performing in front of a group

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

·      Sequencing & patterning

·      Count, recognize & order number 1-30 with objects

Science & Social Studies:

·      Diversity: people & places

·      Seasons

Large & Small Motor Skills:

·      Jumping, skipping, hopping & galloping

·      Balance

·      Cutting

·      Throwing & catching

Outdoor Curriculum Theme this month:

·      Music & Movement



Congratulationstoall the Red Robins on their First Graduation on June 18th. 





We would like to thank all the parents who

brought us special cards, flowers, gift cards, and so much yummy

food for our Teacher Appreciation Week. You guys are RAD! 



For the week of Fun Food Week, we will making a

friendship fruit salad. We will need every child to bring

in 1 piece of fruit by Wednesday, June 5th. 

Graduation: Please dress your child in their "Sunday best". The children will wear the red cap & tassel you pre purchased. There is no gown.


Breakfast is over at 8 AM. If you get here after 8 AM, we will save their food for snack at 9:15 AM.

Remember those ice packs in the lunch boxes please.

Please make sure that your child brings their blankets back to school on Mondays. 


Book Club – Our Favorites…

Me and My Dad!, I Love my Pirate Papa, My Daddy Snores, Five Little Fish, Fast Food, Food For Thought, How are you Peeling. 


Dates to Remember

  1. June 16th – Father's Day

  2. June 18th – Preschool Graduation & Chuck E Cheese ALL RED ROBINS MUST BE PICKED UP NO LATER THAN 3PM

  3. June 21st – July Lunch Orders are due

  4. June 21st – Red Robin Graduation Party @11am

  5. Monday, June 24th – Summer program begins

    We are excited to offer our special summer camp program to you once again!  There will be all kinds of special visitors and activities like: The Lizard Wizard, The Santa Ana Zoo Mobile, water play days, special arts & crafts, science & sensory activities and much more! Our summer program begins June 24th and continues until August 30th.  Calendars will be coming home soon!

    We sure hope your child will be spending some time with us this summer.  Your child has worked so hard and learned so much this year.  You may want to consider reducing your child’s schedule to the minimum 2 ½ days per week instead of leaving for the summer.  Another option is to have your child participate for a portion of the summer.  Even a few extra weeks can make a difference.  Give them the benefit of school enrichment AND some great summer fun!  Send them off to Kindergarten ready to learn!