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Red Robins January News

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Look what we learned last month!

In the month of  December, the Red Robins were very busy making our Holiday gifts for the parents.  The children created many different types of art.  For example, Menorah's, wreaths, Dreidels, Holiday Trees, Santa Boots, etc.  The children were counting, matching, and sorting foam stickers to create their RAD art work.  As a school, we had a Polar Express Day in our pajamas and drank hot coco and ate some cookies.  The children had a special visit from Santa and he gave the children special books.  After Santa, we had a special lunch for the Holidays and we all had some very yummy food that our parents brought.  The Red Robins have been working on our birthdays and we welcome winter even though it feels like spring.  They worked on the letters Jj, Kk, Ll, and Mm.  After the Holidays, the children shared what they received as presents from parents and Santa.


What we will learn this month…

For the month of January, the Red Robins  will learn about Our Community, Weird Science, and the Weather.  We will also talk about Martin Luther King Jr. And what he did to change how our country runs today.  As a class, we will talk about things in and around our community and the people that help run it.  They will be mixing colors and make fun messy sensory activities.  We will also be looking at the different clouds there are.  The children will be going over the letters  Nn Nigel Night Owl, Oo for Olive  Octopus, Pp for Peewee Penguin, Qq for Queeny Quail, and Rr for Robby Rabbit.



•   Our Community

•   Weird Science

•   Weather

Language & Literacy:

•   Matching Letters to Correstponding Sound

•   Identify Beginning and End Sounds

•   Sight words


•   Olive Octopus Oo

•   Peewee Penguin Pp

•   Queeny Quail Qq

•   Robby Rabbit Rr

Social & Emotional Skills:

•   Stranger Danger

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

•   Graphing & Measuring

•   Money

Science & Social Studies:

•   Days of the week & Months of the year

•   Diversity

•   Weather

Large & Small Motor Skills:

•   Geography: Deserts, Oceans, Mountains, etc.

•   Life Cycles



The following children went into the Treasure Box this month:     Bryce, Seth, Carter, Alyssa, Brody, Joseph, and Jason.  Way to Go!



               Thank you to all the families for the gift cards, gifts and special cards. Thank you to Seth and Bryce's family for bringing in Foam stickers. Thank you to Seth's family for bringing in an extra set of books. Thank you for all your participation with the book exchange, Santa, and the feast.  🙂  It was a lot FUN!




    If you can donate any of the following, please let us know how many you can donate:  

    1. Each child will need 1 empty tissue box

    2. Valentine foam stickers.

    These items are for Valentine's Day, but we need to get ready now.  Thank You.

    Share day is ONLY Friday and please have the share toy start with the same letter of the week. Please remember to put a spoon and an ice pack in your child's lunch box.  We do not have refrigerator space or extra spoons to hand out. Make sure your child has a bag or backpack big enough to fit their blankets.  The cubbys are for notes and art work.


    Book Club – Our Favorites…

    Jobs, Our Community Helper, Five Little Monkeys, Martin Luther King Jr, Weather, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs



    Dates to Remember

    We will be closed Monday, January 20th

    Feb lunch orders are due Jan 24th