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Red Robins December News

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Look what we learned last month!

In the month of November, The Red Robin's learned about the American Flag and how Betsy Ross sewed one of the first versions of the American flag.  The children drew a picture and talked about how special our families are.  They all had something nice to say about their families.

    For the 50th day of school we had 50's day.  We dressed like the 50's and listened to 50's music.  We counted to 50 and decorated the number 50.  We rocked to the oldies but goodies.    

    For the week of Thanksgiving, we talked about Christopher Columbus and the Mayflower.  They made special headbands that we used for our Fall Feast.  The children made friendship necklaces and special gifts for our families.  We also made colorful turkeys.  

    For the week of Transportation, we talked about the many different forms of transportation and things that go.  Some of the things the children said where: planes, trains, cars, horses, bikes, snowboards, blimps, hot air balloons, and helicopters.  We also learned the letters Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii.  

What we will learn this month…

For the month of December, we will talk a little more about transportation.  The Red Robins will also learn about winter celebrations and will have a special guest, Santa, come visit us at school for a book exchange.  We will also be talking about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Posadas.  We will talk about Winter Fun and what we can do in the winter.  If your family would like to share a family tradition for the holidays, please bring it in and have your child share it.  The children will also be doing lots of holiday art.  For example, winter gifts, wreaths, menorahs, holiday trees, oranments, and much more.


•   Transportation – Things That Go!

•   Winter Celebrations

•   Winter Fun

Language & Literacy:

•   Opposites

•   Identify & write all upper & lower case letters in order

•   Sight words: just, kind, like, my, more, no, not


•   Jerry Jellyfish Jj

•   Kayo Kangaroo Kk

•   Lizzy Lizard Ll

•   Missy Mouse Mm

•   Nigel Night Owl Nn

Social & Emotional Skills:

•   Speaking / Performing in front of a group

•   Sharing

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

•   Proximity – understanding special relationships

•   Sequencing & Patterning

•   1 to 1 Correspondence

•   Quantitative Concepts

Science & Social Studies:

•   Days of the week & Months of the year

•   Diversity

•   Weather

Large & Small Motor Skills:

•   Riding a tricycle

•   Eye hand coordination

•   Pincer grasp (pre-writing skills)

•   Drawing human figures



The following children picked a prize from the treasure box this month:

Cooper, Alyssa, Alexander, Joseph, Carter, Astrid, Brody, Dominic, Ce'Onie, Bryce, Jason, Adam, and Seth.


    Thank You to all the families who brought yummy food and helped out with our Fall Feast.



    Please purchase 2 paperback books that can be handed out to either a boy or a girl.  Please wrap them with no name for a book exchange with Santa.  Your child may not receive the books that you brought for the book exchange.  Please have the books at school by Friday, 12/6/13 in order to participate.

    The following donation is needed please: snowflake foam stickers and any other foam stickers or foam sheets that have holiday prints on it.  Thank you!

    We still need a couple of family photos from a few families.  If you need help, please bring some pictures in and we will put them together for you.

    Please try to pack at least 1 fruit or veggie in your child's lunch.

    Please make sure that you bring your child's sheet and blanket back on Monday after you have washed them.

    Book Club – Our Favorites…

    Who will help Santa this Year?, Who will Guide my Sleigh Tonight?, There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell, A Kwanza Miracle, This is the Dreidel


    Dates to Remember

    Dec. 6th – Please bring in your child's 2 wrapped paperback books for the book exchange.

    Dec. 13th at 9:15am – Santa will be here. We will be having a book exchange and pot-luck lunch.  Sign ups for the pot-luck will be posted one week prior.

    Dec. 18th – January hot lunch orders are due

    Dec. 24th – School closes at 3:00pm

    Dec. 25th and 26th – School closed

    Dec. 27th – 31st – No hot lunch service.  You must pack your child a lunch.

    Dec. 31st – School closes at 3:00pm

    Jan. 1st – School closed