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Red Robins February News

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Look what we learned last month!

            In the month of January, the Red Robins learned about our calendar and went over the months of the year, days of the week, and how we are in a new year.  The children are not used to saying 2014 yet, but we are working on it.  We learned about our community and the community helpers that are in our community.  We had the children name some of the helpers that are in our community and these are who they named:  firefighter, police officer, teacher, mail carrier, doctors, zoo keeper, pilot, singer, Disneyland worker, and many more.  We made some hot suns and cool lightning when we learned about the weather.  The children learned that you can see lightning and you can hear thunder.  They learned about the rain clouds, named Cumulonimbus.  They also learned about the Cirrus Clouds that show the weather is unsettled.  These clouds are the highest clouds off the ground 6-8 miles.  When we talked about weird science, we mixed colors and made play dough as a class.  To end the month, we started making hearts to decorate our class for Valentine's Day.


What we will learn this month…

For the month of February, the Red Robins will be learning about Love and Friendship,  and they will make some awesome heart art and gifts.  We will also talked about the post office and Valentines.  They will be making special mail boxes where our friends will be able to drop off their Valentines cards in.  We will be making lots of colorful Valentines art and decorating boxes or bags, so our friends can pass out their cards in.  We will make special cards that we will pretend to mail out to our families and talk about the post office. We will see if the groundhog sees his shadow on Groundhog day and if he does that means 6 more weeks of winter.  We will make a special Groundhog pop up activity. Everyone loves birthdays, so we will have a birthday party for everyone's "un-birthday" and make cupcakes and decorate them.  We will also, go over everyone's birthdays and do some graphing and comparing.  We will be learning about numbers and where we can find numbers.  The children will be making number books and continue to work on the calendar.  At the end the month we will learn about Dr. Seuss and Nursery Rhymes.  We will have a pajama day and read Dr. Seuss books.  The letters we will be learning on are Ss – Sammy Snake, Tt – Timothy Tiger, Uu Umber Umbrella Bird, Vv for Vincent Vampire Bat.



•   Love & Frienship

•   Post Office & Valentines

•   Famous People & Birthdays

•   Nursery Rhymes & Dr. Seuss' Birthday

Language & Literacy:

•   Recognize & produce rhyming words

•   Identify birthday

•   Sight words


•   Sammy Snake Ss

•   Timothy Tiger Tt

•   Umber Umbrella Uu

•   Vincent Vampire Vv

Social & Emotional Skills:

•   Kindness & Caring

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

•   Count, recognize & order numbers 1-30

•   Recognize most colors

•   Recognize & draw most shapes 

Science & Social Studies:

•   Cause & effect

•   National & state symbols

•   Magnets

Large & Small Motor Skills:

•   Running & riding a tricycle, 

•   Cutting, writing name, eye hand coordination & pincer grasp



The following children had a RAD month and they were able to pick a prize out of the treasure box: Seth, Carter, Ce'Onie, Joseph, Hussain, Brody, Jason, Alyssa, and Adam.



                Thank you to Jason and Adam for bringing in stickers and bags.





    Mixed Bag Fundraiser will be Feb 7th – Feb. 14th. These bags are back by popular demand!! Adventures In Learning will receive a percentage back for the classrooms. Thank you for your support!

    No pillows or pillow pets.

    Your child may bring one small stuffed animal that fits in their cubby to sleep with.

     Please remember to put a spoon and an ice pack in your child's lunch box. 

    Please make sure your child has extra clothes in their cubbies.

    Please help us by working with your child at home writing their name, going over letters, and the calendar.

    Your child will still need a lunch at our Valentine's party.  The party will be a snack only

    Kindergarten sign ups begin Monday, March 3rd 714-628-5424


    Book Club – Our Favorites…

    I Love You Much….., Valentine's Day, The Door Bell Rang, Froggy's First Kiss, Clifford We Love You, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Ten Grouchy Groundhogs, Who will Be My Valentine This Year?, Who Will See Their Shadows This Year?


    Dates to Remember

    2/2:  Groundhog Day

    2/7-14:  Mixed Bag Fundraiser

    2/14:  Valentine’s day snack party at 9:00am. This will be a snack party. You will still need to provide a lunch for your child. Sign up sheets for snack items will be out 1-week prior.

        Please address valentine cards: 

        To: My Friend (no Names)

        From: Your child's name.

        This makes it easier for the children to pass out the Valentine Cards. 

    2/17:  School closed – President’s day

    2/20: March lunch orders & money due