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Red Robins April News

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Look what we learned last month!

In the month of March, excitement was filled in the room full of activities.  We started off with Dr. Seuss's Birthday and Crazy Hat/Hair Day.  VONS and Carol Cipra read a Dr. Seuss book to the children and provided a special snack (Banana, Juice, and Fruit bar).    On St. Patrick's Day, we enjoyed lots of yummy green snacks brought in from many families.  Ms. Raquel and Mrs. Bertha and the Red Robins made and set traps (See Photos on website) for an attempt to catch Lucky the Leprechaun.  Lucky disappeared, leaving his clothes behind with a special note and a pot of gold. His shoe was missing and Seth found the missing shoe.  For art, the children made shamrock wreaths, shamrocks with glitter and some tissue paper.  The Red Robins talked about their special pets they have or the pet they wish to have.  Some children brought pictures and others drew pictures of their pets.  We also went over numbers, practiced writing them, and made number books.  We started talking about Multicultural.  How we have so many things that are the same and others that are different ways that people dress in other countries.  The Red Robins will be learning about Multicultural and learning new things about the different cultures.  The children will be able to share music, clothes, toys, and foods from their culture background.  We welcomed spring on March 20th.  The Month was finished with all the letters of the alphabet. We have been reviewing and learning our numbers. 


What we will learn this month…

For the month of April, We will be talking about spring and Life on a Farm.    As a class, we will try the chicken dance.  The children will create fun and exciting art.  For example, pigs in the mud, farm/barn, sheep, etc.  The Red Robins will have our spring party this month.  They will make special baskets.  The children will have fun making colorful art like eggs, bunnies, chicks, and much more.  We will have a special egg hunt.   The Red Robins will have to look for an egg with the letter they are assigned to.  We will be talking about Nature and Our Environment.  Also, we will go over Plants and growing things.  They will plant some seeds and watch them grow.  Graduation Pictures will be on Friday, April 11th.  Please have your child wear a white collared shirt.  This month the Red Robins will review the letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii, Jj.  Please work with your child at home in addition to what they are learning here at school.



·      Multicultural

·      Life on the Farm

·      Nature & Our Environment

·      Plants & Growing Things

Language & Literacy:

·      Opposites

·      Matching sound to corresponding letter

·      Identify & write all upper & lower case letters in order


·      Review A – J

Social & Emotional Skills:

·      Respect

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

·      Sequencing & Patterning

·      1 to 1 Correspondence & Quantitative Concepts

Science & Social Studies:

·      Diversity

·      Geography

·      Characteristics of plants & animals

Large & Small Motor Skills:

·      Throwing & Catching

·      Cutting

·      Eye Hand Coordination

·      Pincer Grasp

·      Running



The following children picked a prize out of the treasure box this month: Alexander, Cooper, Ava, Seth, Joseph, Ce’Onie, Astrid, Alyssa, and Hussain.  Great Job Red Robins!



  1. Thank you to VONS and Carol Cipra for reading a Dr. Suess book and providing a special snack.

    Thank you to all the families that brought in Green snacks and gold coins for St. Patrick's Day.

    Thank you to the parents that took the time to help their children out and make traps for the classroom.






    Please see the list of Donations: seeds, soil, small pots to plant (24), plastic filled eggs and spring stickers or foam stickers.  If you would like to donate, please bring these items in.  Thank you so much.

    Homework can be found online and is due every Friday.  Visit our website to print your child’s weekly homework.  Homework is checked and recorded every Monday.

    Share day is ONLY Friday.  Bring one share toy that will fit in your child's cubby please.

    Please remember to put a spoon and an ice pack in your child's lunch box. 

    Please make sure your child has extra clothes in their cubby.



    Book Club – Our Favorites…

    Fast Food, Recycling, Earth Day!, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Over on the Farm, Splish, Splash Spring, My Seed Won't Grow, The Giving Tree, I'm a Seed, I am Special, Flowers, The Tiny Seed, Our earth



    Dates to Remember

    Multicultural pot luck Wednesday, April 2nd 

    Picture Day – Friday, April 11th – Cap and Gown Pictures – Please wear a white collared shirt.

    Earth Day – Tuesday, April 22nd.

    May Lunch Orders are due April 23rd   

    Teacher Appreciation May 5th – 9th – look for emails regarding this special day!