There are many beneficial things that you can teach your child at a young age. From how to tie their shoes to how to count to ten, you will teach your child a variety of different skills in their early years. One skill that can be extremely beneficial to teach them is how to play independently.

While playing with your child can also be beneficial and help you build a bond, there are times when you want or need them to play on their own. At Adventures in Learning Children’s Center in Tustin and Orange, we offer a variety of programs in which independent play is practiced regularly by our students. However, it is important that you also teach your child to do so at home.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the reasons why teaching your child independent play is important and can be beneficial. Read on to learn more and be sure to check out our programs today.

Frees Up Your Time

When you teach your child to play independently, you also free some time up for you. As a parent, you know how rare free time is. Teaching your child to play on their own allows you to have more time to make dinner, jump on a meeting while working from home, or do other chores and tasks around the house. The more your child can do things independently, the more you will be able to get done without having to keep them entertained.

Makes Working From Home Easier

Whether you work from home regularly or are only currently working from home due to the state of the country, it can be hard to work from home with kids at home. Teaching your child to play independently can help you get more work done and focus on your job rather than keeping your kiddo entertained or worrying that they are up to no good. You can set up a play area for them near where you are working so you can keep an eye on them as you continue to work.

Teaches Independence

This may seem obvious, but teaching your child to play independently can help teach them independence. They will begin to realize that they can do things on their own, from brushing their own teeth to getting dressed on their own. When you begin to teach your child to become independent in one area, it teaches them to be independent in others.

Fosters Imagination

When your child plays alone, they are more likely to use their imagination. While you might tell them what to build with blocks when you play together or suggest they build a castle, when they are alone they will have their own ideas for what to build and how to use their toys. They will begin to become more imaginative and enjoy coming up with their own idea. Most toys can help boost your child’s imagination. From dolls and action figures to arts and craft supplies, your child can use their imagination to create and make up different scenarios.

Encourages Problem Solving

When you aren’t around to help your child rebuild their block tower when it gets knocked over or show them the proper way to use a toy, they will begin to learn how to problem-solve. Problem-solving skills are important for your child to learn and when you allow them to play on their own, they will begin to develop these skills. Especially at a young age, your kiddo can use their toys to figure out the world around them and begin to think critically. Toddlers with toys that require them to fit a square through a square hole will learn to use problem-solving skills to make it happen without your help.

Allow Them To Entertain Themselves

It is important for kids to learn how to entertain themselves. There are many moments when they will need to keep themselves busy while you do your own thing. When you teach your child to play alone, they will learn how to have fun by themselves and how to stay entertained. If you have guests over, are trying to clean the house, or completing a work email, your child will be able to go and keep themselves entertained. The skill of independent play will be extremely beneficial for this reason.

There are many different reasons why teaching your child independent play can be beneficial for both you and them. This is a skill that will help them throughout their lives and allow them to gain more independence. We encourage parents to start teaching their children how to play alone. In our next blog, we will give you some tips for doing just that! Be sure to check out the Adventures In Learning Children’s Centers programs in Tustin and Orange today and stay tuned for our next blog about independent play.