These days, there is more pressure than ever for kindergartners to develop academic skills to prepare them for elementary school. It can be overwhelming to figure out how to best help your child during this developmentally important time of their lives. At Adventures In Learning, we have years of experience with kindergarten, and want to help your child succeed when they are in our Kinder +Plus class. When your child is not in our class, here is how you can help your child at home in order for them to succeed in kindergarten in Orange, CA.

Encourage Self-Control

Studies show that being able to control your impulses and emotional responses at a young age predicts for success and happiness later in life. Practicing self-control will help your kindergartener to concentrate on learning when they would rather be playing. To encourage self-control, model this behavior yourself, teach your child how to wait, and set healthy boundaries.

Make Time For Free Play

Play allows children the freedom to explore and learn on their own terms. This will foster a desire to learn and help them to figure out what interests them.

Read To Your Child

Being read to helps children to learn new vocabulary words and develop listening skills. Children who are read to often, ideally more than once a day, learn how to read faster, giving them a head start for first grade.

Connect School to Home Life

Take an interest in what your kindergartner is learning in school, and continue their education about it at home. For instance, if your child is learning about animals, take them to the zoo to make the material more real, and show how important learning is even outside of a school environment.