We have all heard stories about how horrible two year olds can behave. If you have an infant, chances are someone has warned you at some point that your angelic child will turn into an absolute monster the moment they turn two. While it is true that two year olds present new challenges to parents, stressing out about “the terrible twos” isn’t going to help you prepare any better for your toddler. The truth is, there are good and bad things about raising a two year old.  

The Good

Two year olds can be a joy to be around. They are amazingly curious about the world, and their awe and wonder is infectious. Now is the time that your child is first establishing who they are, you actually get to know your child’s personality. It is an amazing experience to see your child learn to walk and talk, and there are few things more rewarding than seeing them learn new skills. The twos are a time when your child is developing very quickly, and these milestones are ones you will cherish forever.

The Bad

At this stage in development, your child is beginning to move on their own. This presents a new challenge because you need to be watching them all the time. Gone are the days when you could put your baby down for a minute without worrying about them getting into everything! Additionally, your child is beginning to verbalize their feelings, but cannot yet regulate these emotions. That is where temper tantrums come in. When your two year old has a strong feeling, you will most certainly know, and you will not be able to reason with them because they have not developed reasoning skills yet. They have learned a new word – “no!” – and like to use it whenever they can.

In many ways, the twos are exactly like adolescence. Your child is learning to be independent from you for the first time, so there is going to be some rebellion to establish yourselves as separate people. Don’t fear; the terrible twos don’t last forever! Cherish the good, and remember the bad is just part of the package.

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