When you are expecting, one of many things you may worry about is how your child will react to their new sibling. While it can be difficult for children to adjust to sharing their parents, if you take the right approach, your child will be prepared and more readily take to their new sibling. Here are our tips for helping your child prepare to become a big brother or sister:

Talk about life after the baby is born

When you are having a baby, there are changes that you need to make your home, including babyproofing and setting up a nursery. This can be a good way to start a conversation with your child about what else is going to change. For example, you should talk to your child about what the baby will eat, how babies’ sleeping patterns are different, how they will wear diapers, and how things will change as the baby grows older. This will give your child a picture of the future so it won’t be scary for them when things do start to change.

Talk about their infancy

One way that you can prepare your child for a new baby is to talk about what it was like when your child was a baby themselves. Show them their baby pictures, and talk about what it was like to be pregnant with them. This will not only be exciting for your child, it will make them more excited for their future sibling.

Talk about being a big sibling

Being a big brother or sister can be very exciting for a child, particularly if you get them excited about it beforehand. Talk to your child about how they can be a helper with the baby, and how special the role of big sibling is.

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