Parents, the cold and flu season is upon us. Now, more than ever, is the time in which we should try to keep our children healthy while at home, school, and their local day care center in Tustin, CA. When the health and the safety of your child is of the utmost importance, it is smart to start implementing ways in which you can keep your child germ-free when you cannot be with them. Adventures In Learning wants to ensure that every child that attends one of our day care centers in Tustin or Orange, CA stays healthy, even when the cold and flu are running rampant.

It is no secret that many children begin to get sick when they enter into group environments. Children can carry germs and pass them on to another student without even realizing that they are doing so. Here are a few ways in which you can boost your child’s immunity, or keep other children from catching germs:

  • Feed your children healthy, nutritious, and balanced meals. Certain fruits, vegetables, and foods can help boost a child’s immunity naturally. Poor diets and poor food/drink choices can negatively affect a child’s immunity.
  • Make sure that your child understands that they should be washing their hands at school. You may also contact our staff members to learn more about our hygiene and toy cleaning policies.  
  • Do not send your child to school when they are running a fever, have increased lethargy, ear pain, sore throats, have red and puffy eyes, or are suffering from coughing or running noses. As germs can be easily passed on to other students, this is the easiest means of controlling sickness.

While you may not be able to keep your child healthy 100% of the time, you can do your very best to keep them healthy even when germs are going around. As always, Adventures In Learning will never slack on our housekeeping and germ-fighting techniques. Give us a call today to learn more about our outstanding day care centers.