When it comes to their children, parents want to know everything there is to know about schooling and the importance of early childhood education in Orange, CA. While some parents believe that pre-k and kindergarten are not important in the grand scheme of schooling, it is time to dispel this myth. Honestly, this schooling is not for parents. Early childhood education is for the children. It is time that parents put away their beliefs and did what is in the best interest of their kids.

The Center for Public Education has been at the forefront of research surrounding early childhood education. Through multiple scientific studies, pre-k has been shown to have enormous benefits both short term and long term. Pre-k is a way for children to begin their studies much earlier than their peers. These same research studies have shown that children who attend pre-k are more well-adjusted and participate at a higher levels of study later in structured classes. Pre-k classes are also a wonderful way for children to stimulate their cognitive (thinking) growth and skills.

Pre-k is also important for the long term educational future. Children that attend pre-k classes have been shown to do better in school in their formidable years. Certain studies that were focused on IQ levels and earned income later in life have positively identified that children with higher IQ levels and higher paying jobs attended pre-k at much higher rates.

Aside from the positive short term and long term effects, children that attend pre-k will also cultivate friendships and have a professional watching out for them through the day. There are very few negative aspects to pre-k classes. Contact Adventures in Learning for more information about our early childhood education courses in Orange and Tustin, CA.