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Infant Class May News

Tustin Preschool


Look at what we’ve learned…

In the month of April the children have learned about springtime.

–    Planting lima beans – come see in our window how much they have grown.

–    Planting grass seeds in our old show and in planting pots.

–    Planting flower seeds.

–    Viewing pictures of the step by step process of planting seeds

–    Reading stories about springtime

–    Counting & “hatching” baby animals out of plastic egg shells

–    Learning colors by reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?”

We also had some fun with creative art & sensory activities.

–    Gluing soft foam shapes on butterfly shapes & flower shapes onto paper.

–    Rainbow dot art

–    Colored crayons on rabbit shapes

–    Watercolor painting

–    We even painted with our feet!

–    The children also enjoyed art while listening to classical music.

–    Hands on sensory with birdseeds, semi soft macaroni shells and rice… dump and pour fun!

About your children’s growth…

-Jack, now 9 months old, is a fast moving “army crawler” now and is starting to get up on all fours.  He is so proud of himself.  Good job Jack!  He really loves outside time.  Jack enjoys his solid food and snacks more than his milk now.  He has grown so fast this month.  We are looking forward to seeing him crawling on all fours very soon.

 -Eli has big smiles to give away.  He rolls around and can scoot himself backwards.  He loves sold food and always wants more.  We will continue to practice with him siting up on his own and encourage him to scoot around the classroom so he can begin to crawl soon!

-Rosalinda will continue to practice using words vs. babbling.  She loves to play house and be the mommy carrying her cell phone in her purse and holding a baby doll.  She even pats the dolls back.  Zelah likes to mimic her.  Even Jack army crawls over to pat the dolls back too!  So cute!

-Zelah is 15 months old and growing up so fast and tall.  She is talking!  She uses her words and finishes our songs now.  We are so proud of you Zelah!  She is starting to play more on her own and interacts with Rosalinda and Sofie.

-“Nico”, our sweet and gentle giant is moving up into the Yellow Sunshine classroom.  I am so happy for him to be challenged mentally and physically in his new classroom.  He will be learning new and fun things as he grows.  Nico, we will miss you in our class. We will see you at our door to give you hugs and sweet kisses. We love you!

-Lyla started with us in April.  She is a sweetheart full of smiles.  We will help her practice sitting up in the molded chair and tummy time.

-Sophie is comfortable in her new classroom.  She is friendly with all her classmates.  She enjoys playing with her new girl friends Rosalinda & Zelah.  Sofie uses her words and uses a spoon to feed herself.  Good job Sofie!

-Zoey we welcome you!  We are all looking forward to having you in our classroom.

This month we will…

We will continue to learn colors, shapes, numbers and body parts.   We will also experience some fun sensory & art activities.

Notes and Announcements

Toddler parents (ages 12-24 months) – Please continue to have your child practice using utensils.  Please make sure they get enough sleep to have energy for school the next day.  Lastly, please have them wear good shoes that stay on their feet.