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Infant Class June News

Tustin Preschool


Look at what we’ve learned…

In May our infants learned more about springtime and now we are going to learn about summer.

We watched our lima beans grow and also the grass we planted.

We enjoyed sensory activities such as cornstarch mixed with water.

We made special hand/foot print crafts for our mommies.

We have been going outside and enjoying the warm weather.

About your children’s growth…

Eli is always ready to give us a smile.  He enjoys playing with Jack and Eli is beginning to crawl backwards!  Soon he will be crawling forward.  Great progress Eli!

Jack is always finding a way to get around the classroom.  He enjoys Eli’s company and is doing a great job sleeping on a cot.  He is still doing his “army crawl”. Soon we will see him crawling on his hands and knees.

Rosalinda is doing a great job listening and following directions.  We will continue to work with her on using her words.  She is always so friendly with her classmates.

Zelah is so helpful with our little ones! She likes to help us hold their bottles for them and she is talking a lot more!  She can even say “Eli”. And she also repeats what she hears.

Lyla is our little sweet pea!  She know how to hold her own bottle and she is doing a great job rolling over.  We will continue to help her sit up and have tummy time.

Sophie is always full of joy and very talkative.  She loves going outside and loves playing with Zelah and Rosalinda.  She loves sensory activities and learning new things.

Zoey enjoys outside time and is getting to know the classroom and her peers.  She is full of smiles!

Welcome Carley!  Carley is a happy baby and is great friends with Layla.  They talk a lot when they are next to each other.


This month we will…

This month we will continue to recognize our classmates, discover through sensory activities, learn about summer and make creative art projects.

Notes and Announcements

Please remember to sign your child in and out.  Also, please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep so they will have energy for school the next day.