Children’s education is incredibly important. As parents and educators this is a fact that we all understand. Yet, there is debate about when children should begin their formal education. Busy parents need to know when they can start taking their children to school in the Orange and Tustin area. Many people state that early childhood education should begin in preschool while others argue that they need not go to school until first grade. A lot of the problem lies in the sub-par early childhood education centers in Orange. No parent wants to pay for schooling that will not benefit their child.

Finding the right early childhood education center in Orange is one of the hardest tasks a parent may face. Adventures In Learning understands the struggle that parents will face when trying to find the right preschool for their child. We also want parents to know that a preschool education is the start of proper early childhood education in Orange. Our school will help children grow and learn skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Adventures In Learning will expose children to numbers, letters, puzzles, learning games, and much more. At our preschool, your child will also learn the importance of sharing, contributing during class discussions, and waiting their turn. These are all very important skills to master before heading to kindergarten.

Adventures In Learning believes that helping young children master certain skills will help them with reading, math, and vocabulary later on in their educational journey. There is a lot of research that surrounds the importance of preschool. Many researchers are beginning to note that competent preschool education is an incredibly important aspect of early childhood education. Stop in to Adventures In Learning to find out how our preschool program is superior to others!