There is a lot of debate over whether preschool and kindergarten are important aspects of childhood education. Many states in the U.S do not necessitate mandatory kindergarten attendance! Many research studies have shown the importance of early childhood education on a child later in their lives. Many of these research studies have shown marked improvement on learning and lifestyles of children that attended kindergarten.

Just like preschool attendance, it seems that early childhood education in Tustin is incredibly important for children. Kindergarten and preschool are fantastic ways to prepare young children for school. Kindergarten will build on principles and skills that were shown during preschool. Children will learn how to take social cues from their peers, listen and act appropriately in a school environment, sit quietly, and speak only when called upon. Kindergarten is the time in which children learn to acclimate to school environments in which they will frequent for the next decade or more.

It is a well known fact that children’s brains are rapidly developing during their kindergarten years. This means that early childhood education is a way in which children can increase their brain development and neural pathways. The locations of the brain that deal with organization and learning will make the necessary neural connections with the proper learning experiences. No wonder there are multiple studies that show children that have received early childhood education excel in academics, attend college at higher rates, and are more likely to become successful adults!

Here at Adventures In Learning we want to give all children in the Tustin area a location in which they can learn, grow, and have fun. Come in and see why our kindergarten programs are the best choice for your child!