There are many things we want to teach our children starting at a young age. While we focus on the alphabet, social skills, and other basic life skills, there is one thing that some parents can forget to teach their kiddos that is just as important as any other lesson – gratitude. Teaching our children to be grateful for the things in their lives is a skill that can benefit them throughout their entire lives and help them see the good around them.

At Adventures in Learning in Tustin and Orange, we believe that teaching our children to be grateful can help them become more appreciative of the things they have. Gratitude is important for everyone to learn at one point or another, but when you teach your kiddo gratitude at a young age, it can help them become a more grateful adult.

In this blog, we wanted to give you some tips on how to teach your children gratitude. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start! Read on to learn more and contact Adventures in Learning today!

Talk About Gratitude

One of the easiest ways to help teach your child about gratitude is to make it a part of your daily routine. Spend time talking about what you are thankful for and showing gratitude in the little moments. Things as simple as talking about how nice of a day it is outside, saying that you are glad to have time to spend with your kids, and thanking your children for the little things they do throughout the day can help teach them to be grateful. When you spend time every day focusing on the good things, you can teach your child to do the same and they will grow up appreciating the things in their life. You can also make it a part of your dinnertime conversation. Have everyone go around and tell one good thing that happened that day or something they are thankful for. When you make gratitude a part of your daily routine, your children do the same.

Provide Acts of Kindness

Whether you volunteer together or help your sick neighbor with some yard work, acts of kindness can teach your child that helping others can make them feel good. You can explain to your child that helping others makes them happy and is super meaningful. You can also teach your children that providing acts of kindness is a great way to show someone that you appreciate them. If a relative spent time playing outside with them, they can thank them and show their appreciation with an act of kindness.

Teach Them to Say Thank You

Teaching your children to say thank you is something most parents do, without realizing that it can help kiddos learn gratitude. While forcing your child to say thank you might seem like it is not teaching them genuine gratitude, it can eventually lead them there. When you stress the importance of saying thank you when someone does something kind, it can teach your child that they should be appreciative of the things other people do and it will develop into genuine gratitude. Teaching your child to say thank you to people who give them a gift, their time, or even their attention can help your child understand that these things are special.

Say No

While we all want to spoil our children, it is important to say no from time to time. Your kiddos likely ask for toys, candy, and other goodies on a regular basis. While it is completely fine to treat them to something special every so often, it can make it harder for them to learn to be grateful if they get everything they ask for. Saying no may lead to a small tantrum, but it can also help your child appreciate what they have and be even more appreciative when they do get something they ask for.

These are only a few of the many ways that you can begin to teach your children about gratitude and help them appreciate the things they have and the people around them. Gratitude is something people truly understand as adults, but teaching your children at a young age can help give them a head start.

If you are looking for a child care center that can help teach your child important life lessons, Adventures in Learning can help! We have locations in Tustin and Orange. Contact us today to learn more.