In order to raise a child who loves to read, it is important that you start early. If you start encouraging your child to read when they are young, it sets a foundation for a lifetime love of reading, not to mention a wider vocabulary and better literacy skills, which are helpful for future academic achievement. At Adventures in Learning, a child development center in Tustin, CA, we want our students to learn to love to read. That is why we put an emphasis on language, from infancy to preschool. Outside of the daycare center, there are ways for parents to facilitate a love of learning in their children.

Read out loud every night

Many parents already include reading books into the bedtime routine, but if you haven’t yet, make it part of the ritual. Children love to be read to for many years, so don’t stop once they are out of the crib. Not only will your child love to read, they will cherish the special attention from you.

Find books about their interests

Children will be more engaged if you read to them about something in which they have an interest. When your child expresses an interest in dinosaurs, make an effort to find a book about dinosaurs that they will love. They will keep reading for years to come when they discover that they can read about anything that interests them.

Take them to the library regularly

A library is the perfect place to spark a love for reading. Teach your child the wonder of hunting for a new book to read by taking them on regular outings to the library. Most libraries also have story hour, so attend those regularly to get your child excited about reading.

Try a series

Book series are written to hook you and get you to come back into that fictional world again and again. A great way to raise a reader is to find a series that will have them eagerly awaiting the newest addition.  

Child development center Adventures in Learning in Tustin, CA helps parents raise strong readers. For more information about our child care programs, contact us today.