Class Snack Parties and Costume Parade

On Friday, October 29th we will have our Halloween Snack Party, Costume Parade followed by Trick or Treating at the PetCo shopping center. We will begin our classroom parties at 9:00 AM and will finish up around 11:30.  Parent volunteers are greatly appreciated!  Speak to your child’s teacher if you are interested.  Sign up sheets to bring snack items and parent volunteers will be posted soon.

Halloween Costumes

Please remember no scary costumes or “weapons” that may come as accessories to some costumes.  Please label your child's costume and bring extra clothes for them to change into after.  Please remember that their costume may get dirty, torn, or lose parts.


Most children will have a “bounty” of Halloween candy, but please keep it out of the lunch boxes. If you would like to bring candy in for the classrooms for special treats, please give it to the teachers to hand out when it is appropriate.