Well parents, it is finally that time of year. You can rejoice that your child will no longer be running wild all over the neighborhood. We know that you are excited to get your children back into their normal school routine. Their new play-territory will be the playground and their desk! Getting your child ready for the upcoming school year might be easy since you’ve got the routine down to a science. For others, it is not so easy. First time school-aged children can have a difficult time preparing for their early childhood education Don’t worry, Adventures in Learning in Tustin, CA is here to help.

Children that are entering the school system for the first time are a mix of anxiety and excitement. It is a parent’s job to ease the transition from daycare to early childhood education. Children need to understand that there will be different expectations as they move up within a school system. Young children may have a difficult time conforming to the constraints of a classroom; homework, sitting at a desk, not talking out of turn, etc. Parents can help them understand these new expectations before they set foot into a classroom. Parents can also help children by letting them voice their concerns about the upcoming school year. Letting your children know that you are there to talk is very helpful when it comes to easing their fears.

It might take a little time to get your child ready to attend classes and that is okay. Early childhood education in Tustin at Adventures in Learning is dedicated to providing students with a safe, fun, and inviting environment in which they can enrich their education. We can help you with pre-school preparation lists and tips!