At this time, we ask that you please contact us in advance to schedule a tour so we can accommodate your visit during a time when the children are outside or not present.

Because preschools and early childhood education centers are smaller in size as compared to our school districts and colleges, it is recommended that we keep early childhood education centers open in order to continue providing support for the essential service employees we all need right now.

We have compiled information from the Centers for Disease Control, California Health and Human Services, and our licensing oversight agency, Community Care Licensing.  Our plan is developed with an emphasis on keeping children and staff safe while also allowing parents to continue working.

Our enhanced illness policy

Out of precaution, we are temporarily modifying our illness policy. If your child becomes ill with a fever of 100 degrees taken temporally, diarrhea, or vomiting, they may not return to care for 72 hours after all symptoms have cleared. If your child becomes ill at school, we will isolate him or her until you can pick up. Your emergency contact will be called in 30 minutes if you are unreachable.

Our enhanced mitigation practices

Our greatest responsibility is to protect the health of your children and we take that extremely seriously. Expect STRICT adherence to our ONGOING ENHANCED mitigation policies

  • We are working with local and state health authorities to monitor all information and will immediately follow their direction regarding temporarily suspending care.
  • We will continue to check all children and staff upon arrival and before interacting with our AIL community for fevers and general health.
  • Only essential AIL staff will be allowed access to our classrooms.
  • Children will be escorted to and from classrooms at drop off and pick up.
  • Children will be kept in small stable groups and will only be in their classroom. Use of the playground will be on a rotating schedule (one class at a time).
  • In order to maintain these small, stable groups without commingling; staff schedules and our hours will be changed temporarily. Our hours will be 7:30am-5:00pm until further notice.
  • We have increased the frequency of our cleaning and sanitizing from daily to multiple times throughout the day.
  • Lastly, we have reviewed proper hand washing techniques with our staff and, as always, are ensuring all children are washing properly and frequently.

To help prevent the spread at home families can:

  • Practice social distancing and stay home as much as possible.
  • Wash hands frequently. Use hand sanitizer as a secondary measure, but proper hand washing is preferred.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow joint.
  • Greet people with a friendly wave instead of a handshake or hug.
  • We also ask that if you have traveled in the last 14 days, to an area with an extensive spread of COVID-19 cases, that you keep your child home to contribute to the “flattening of the curve” of this virus.

We love our families and are honored daily we are entrusted with their children. We want to continue providing the highest level of care in the future and these policies allow us to do that. We will keep you abreast of any new information we receive and appreciate your cooperation and adherence to policy revisions during this trying time.