There are many children who go to school ready to read, but there is an ever growing population of children entering kindergarten who have barely even seen a book, much less had the thousands of hours of lap reading, vocabulary building, and positive experiences with letters and sounds that are so essential to learning to read. Reading is central to learning – in school, in the workplace, and in everyday life.

For many children, learning to read and write during early school experiences is a pleasurable and even a thrilling experience for themselves, for their parents, and for their teachers. But for children who do not make good progress in these early grades, learning to read is difficult and is associated with both present and future failure. Children who do not learn to read well in the first and second grades are likely to struggle with reading throughout their lives.  This is why early literacy is so important.

What is Early Literacy?

Early literacy is what children know about reading and writing BEFORE they can actually read and write.

Research shows that children get ready to read years before they start school.  You can help your child learn important skill NOW so they can become good readers…

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