At Adventures in Learning, as a Tustin preschool, we know temper tantrums very well. As a parent, you have probably experienced many of your child’s temper tantrums, and it is very possible that one has happened in public before. While public temper tantrums might feel humiliating, rest assured that every parent can relate to what you’re going through.

Stay calm and don’t react

This may be the most difficult part of coping with your child’s temper tantrum. When your child starts to break down, you may feel panicked or angry, and it can be tempting to completely lose it yourself. However, when you react, your child learns that the best way to get your attention is by throwing a huge tantrum. By keeping calm, your child will learn that tantrums aren’t going to get the reaction they are looking for. For some children, reacting in the opposite way they might expect could potentially defuse the situation as well. For example, you could react by making a silly face or telling a joke. This will not be effective for all children though.

Don’t worry about what other people think

Perhaps the most difficult part of your child having a temper tantrum in public is how embarrassing it can be. If you are more concerned with the reactions of the people around you, you aren’t focused on connecting with your child. When you tune out the judgment of others and focus on your child, you can empathize with them and more easily defuse the situation.

Give them something to do

Often times, tantrums are just an indication that your child is bored. It could be helpful to give them a task so that they have something to distract them. After you have calmed your child down enough, give them an assignment of some kind; for example, ask them to find where the apples are, or organize your change.

At Adventures in Learning, a Tustin preschool, we understand that defusing temper tantrums can be difficult. When you need child care in Tustin, CA, we can help. Contact us today.