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Blue Birds September News

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Look what we’ve learned!

In the month of August, we had so many visitors who have helped us enjoy summertime. We enjoyed whatever Little Pony, Carnival Games, and Officer McGruff. The Blue Birds made medals for Olympic week, had bike races and they made made cotton candy and clown faces for Circus, Circus Everyone Week. The children also made meteors, solarsystems for Outerspace week and made treasure maps and searched for gold during Ocean, Pirates, and Mermaids Week. They continued having a blast on all our water days, bike days, and pajama days, and we will be sad to stop for the school year. They spent time reviewing their ABC's and practicing their counting. 


What we will learn in the month of September…

In the month of September, we will be talking about Back to School. We will be starting the new year off by reviewing the Blue Bird Classroom rules and focusing on our listening skills. They will also be learning about the new classroom, finding out where the toys are, their new squares, and cubbies. We will also be talking about how things are the same and how things are different. We will also be going over self help skills, manners, self-esteem, all about me and I am Special. 




·      Back to School

·      All About Me, I am Special

Language & Literacy:

·      Recognize, spell & write name


·      Introduce Zoo-Phonics Animals, Sounds & Signals

Social & Emotional Skills:

·      Classroom Rules & Manners

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

·      Count & Recognize Numbers 1-10

·      Recognizing Most Colors

Science & Social Studies:

·      Days of the Week

·      Pledge of Allegiance / The American Flag

Large & Small Motor Skills:

·      Self Help Skills


We want to welcome all of our new Blue Birds!! We know everyone will be a superstar this month!!! 




Thank You for all donations.  



We have the wonderful job of shaping and guiding your child, but I will need help from all my parents. If there are areas of concern, please let us know so that we can work together to improve on them.

• Apple Donations – Please have your child bring in 1 apple by September 18th. We will discuss same and differences. Variety of apples will be great. Thank You.



  • Class starts at 9:05 AM, so please be on time. Most of  the curriculum is in the morning and we don't want any children to miss out.
  • Independence is a huge factor in the Blue Bird Classroom, so I encourage you to have your child carry their own belongings, walk on their own, not being carried in or out of the classroom, and no sippy cups or pacifiers.

  • Please make sure your child has an ice pack in their lunch box, so the food does not go bad. Please make sure they have a spoon too.

  • Don't forget to sign your child in and out with a full legal signature and a time every day.

  • Please Pull into our parking lot in the driveway by the front door and Exit the parking lot with the driveway by the dumpster. Any other way will cause an accident.

  • Share days are on Fridays only please! Your child may bring 1 toy on Fridays to share with their friends. Any toys or stuffed animals brought on learning days will be held high until pick up time. No weapons of any kind may be brought including action figures that carry weapons.

  • Please feed your child a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

  • Extra clothes: children have all types of accidents: nap-time, messy lunch, art activities, and water. We do not have extra clothes to hand out. If your child does have an accident at nap-time, please wash their sheets and bring clean ones back the next school day. Label all clothes and belongings. 

  •  Family Photos: We need new family photo collages on 12 x 12 Paper. Please have it here ASAP.

  • Hot lunch orders and payments for October need to be made by Sept 21st. Ordering the schools hot lunch can save you time and money! If you would like to try hot lunch for your child, stop by the office for a sample menu.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, Ms. Erica's hours are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM everyday except Tuesdays. Tuesday hours are 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM. Ms. Kat's hours are 9 AM to 6 PM everyday except Thursdays. Thursdays hours are 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM. 






Book Club – Our Favorites…

David Goes to School, Froggy goes to School, If You Take a Mouse to School, Apples, Apples, Silly Sally, Back to School, The Kissing Hand 


Dates to Remember

  • We will be closed Monday, September 2nd for Labor Day
  • Apple Donations by September 18th
  • Family Collages Due September 27th
  • First Day of Fall September 22nd