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Blue Birds October News

Tustin Preschool

Look what we learned last month!

In September we had fun decorating a backpack and lunch box for back to school. We also drew a self-portrait and an all about me book. We talked about the different types of apples and did apple tasting on Apple Day. For shapes we did a house and a car using different shapes. We learn the letter A and have been practicing to spell our names and recognizing numbers 1-10.

What we will learn this month…

In October we will talk about the different types of feelings and learn our five senses and what we use them for and learn the four seasons. We will celebrate Halloween by having a snack party. We will make a jack- o-lantern, paint a ghost, make a witch and sing some spooky songs.  We will learn letters B-E and their sounds through fun and interesting projects and activities. We will continue to learn most shapes and memorize our birthdays.   We will also begin our weekly homework this month. Download the homework, help your child complete it at home and turn it in at the end of each week.  We are ready to continue learning and having fun!


·      Shapes

·      Feelings & Emotions

·      My Five Senses

·      Pumpkins, Spiders, Cats & Bats

Language & Literacy:

·      Identify Birthday

·      Listen to & follow 2-3 step directions


·      Allie Alligator A  a

·      Bubba Bear B  b

·      Catina Cat C  c

·      Deedee Deer D  d

Social & Emotional Skills:

·      Sharing

·      Respect

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

·      Recognizing most colors

·      Recognizing & drawing most shapes

Science & Social Studies:

·      Days of the week

·      Growing things – pumpkins & pumpkin carving

·      Cause & Effect

Large & Small Motor Skills:

·      Jumping, hopping, skipping & galloping

·      Balancing

·      Drawing human figures

·      Cutting


Thanks to Sara, Hudson and Matthew for bringing their family collage.

Good job Iza, Reave and Sara on knowing to spell their names and tracing skills.



Please make a small family collage and bring it in as soon as possible.

Please remember to sign your child in and out every day.

Take the time to read your child’s highlights each evening.

Please do not allow your child to bring toys from home.

Remember your child’s sheet and blanket on their first day each week.

Keep a COMPLETE extra change of clothes in your child’s cubby. Underwear and pants are a must!!


Dates to Remember

Picture Day-October 9th

The Great Shake out at 10:17a.m-October 17th

Read for the record “Bunny Cakes”-October 21st

Halloween class party at 9:00a.m.-October 31st