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Blue Birds October News

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Look what we learned last month!

Wow, September just flew by!  We had an action packed month full of activities.  The Blue Birds went on a cubby hunt to find the cubby with their name on it.  This activity was great for promoting self-help skills and name recognition.  We did a very “back to school” art project with numbered paper apples.  Each Blue Bird was given ten apples (each numbered from 1 through 10) and used their cognitive skills to put them in numerical order.  Yep, we even learned a new word: numerical!  Then, the Blue Birds used their fine motor skills to glue each numbered apple on the paper with Q-tips and glue.  Since one of our focuses in September was manners, we read an awesome book titled “time to say please”, and now it’s one of our favorites!  This book was wonderful for reviewing manners.  After story time, I gave the Blue birds different scenarios, for example, “what do you do or say when your friend has a toy that you really want to play with?” or “what do you do or say when someone is standing in your way?”  This book and activity has been a great reminder for our friends to keep their hands to themselves and use nice words, such as “please”, “thank you”, “I’m sorry”, and “excuse me”.  To promote self-help skill, I encourage all of my Blue Birds to do as much on their own as possible.  For example, each child with a packed lunch or water bottle knows to go to the lunch shelf and grab it themselves when it’s time to sit down for lunch.  I also ask that they try to open things from their lunch before asking for help.  I am always here for guidance and help when needed, however, it is important for each child to attempt.  To do things on their own and have some responsibility.  Doing so offers pride and independence which fosters intrinsic motivation!  Another fun and creative activity was the I am special art.  I asked each Blue Bird to draw different things that they like.  Laney loved her trip to Hawaii so much that she decided to draw a volcano!  Other friends drew pictures of their family, flowers, food, friends, and roller coasters.  This activity showed us that we all like different things and that’s ok because that’s what makes us unique or special.  I think we got our fill of apples by the end of the month.  On Apple Day we created really neat apple art by dipping apple halves in paint and painting with them.  We read a book on how apples grow and even found the seeds inside of an apple!  Myla really likes to save them when she eats an apple and hopes to grow her own apple tree one day.

What we will learn this month…

As we fall into the month of October, we will begin our Zoo Phonics.  Our Zoo Phonics activity consists of motion, sound, and animal for the corresponding letter.  For example, our first letter is “Aa” Allie Alligator.  During group time, I will show the Blue Birds the flash card for Allie Alligator.  We will then give the sound for “Aa” and learn the motion.  I will give the Blue Birds directions on how to move like Allie Alligator.  This is a great activity for memorization, comprehension, and ability to take/follow direction.  We will be conducting a fun experiment during my five senses week to help each child distinguish their five senses and what you do with each one.  We will taste sweet and sour foods, touch rough and soft objects, hear loud and quiet sounds, smell different spices, and use our eyes to search for objects in the classroom to practice our fine motor skills, we will use scissors to cut magazines, newspapers, and yarn (a big thanks to the parents that donated these much needed items!  We appreciate it).  Then, we will make art by gluing the pictures and yarn we cut onto a piece of paper.  The Blue Birds will learn a new Days of the Week song, which I like to sing to the beat of the Adams Family tune…..pretty fitting for October.  I can’t wait for pumpkins, spiders, bats, and cats week!  We will be decorating and/or carving a pumpkin in class to celebrate Halloween!  Also, we will complete Halloween inspired art projects, such as google eyed spiders and glittery pumpkins to decorate our classroom and your home.  Don’t forget, we will have a special Halloween Party on Halloween @ 9 AM and we will take all the ghouls and ghosts (or princesses and ninja turtles) trick-or-treating.  We will be in need of volunteers, so if possible, please sign up when the sheets are posted.  Homework will also start this month, so please don’t forget to visit the Adventures In Learning website to print out your child’s homework!


·      Shapes

·      Feelings & Emotions

·      My Five Senses

·      Pumpkins, Spiders, Cats & Bats

Language & Literacy:

·      Identify Birthday

·      Listen to & follow 2-3 step directions


·      Allie Alligator A  a

·      Bubba Bear B  b

·      Catina Cat C  c

·      Deedee Deer D  d

Social & Emotional Skills:

·      Sharing

·      Respect

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

·      Recognizing most colors

·      Recognizing & drawing most shapes

Science & Social Studies:

·      Days of the week

·      Growing things – pumpkins & pumpkin carving

·      Cause & Effect

Large & Small Motor Skills:

·      Jumping, hopping, skipping & galloping

·      Balancing

·      Drawing human figures

·      Cutting






Natalia and Dominic have been awesome helpers!  Way to go!

A+ to James, Alexa, Isaac, Tyler, and Dominic for turning in homework every week.  You’re on the right track!

Wow! Isaac’s muscles are out of control since he’s been eating all of his hot lunch.  Keep it up Isaac!


  1. Thank You for making Apple Day a success!!







    Donations: Medium size white or black bags for trick-or-treating.

    On October 31st from 9:15-11:00 AM will be our Trick-or-treating/Halloween Party event.  We will need all the parents we can get to help walk the children around to the local businesses.  Sign-up sheets will be posted in the classrooms when the time comes.

    If you would like to donate, we can use some Fall/Halloween stickers by October 20th/21st.  Thank you in advance for your donations.

    Please help your child become more independent by letting them carry their own backpacks and put on their own shoes.

    Your child needs extra clothes and shoes in the cubby at all times in case of messy art or accidents.

    Class starts at 9 AM.  We go over a lot of important learning information.

    Please provide an ice-pack and spoon in your child’s lunch box.

    Share days are Fridays only.  Please encourage your child to bring a toy to share that starts with the letter of the week.  However, please discourage your child from bringing toys on non-share days, or I will hold it on my desk until pick-up time.  Please remember to only bring 1 share toy that can fit in your child’s cubby.  Also, please do not bring anything valuable and NO superheroes.


    Book Club – Our Favorites…

    Our favorite books are listed below:




     Halloween House, Big Pumpkin, My Five Senses, Our Seasons, Who will Haunt My House on Halloween?, Silly Sally, There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat!, Manners at School


    Dates to Remember

    10/10, Friday – School Picture Day!  Bring your smiles!

    Cookie Dough Fundraiser 10/13-10/24

    10/16, Wednesday – Lunch Orders due for November.  This will save you time!

    10/16, Wednesday @ 10:16 AM – The Great Shake Out

    10/21, Monday – Read for the Record “Bunny Cakes”

    10/24, Friday – Breast Cancer Awareness.  Wear Pink Day!

    10/31, Friday – Halloween Party and Trick-or-Treating