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Blue Birds November News

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Look what we learned last month!

Time flies when you are having fun and the Blue Birds had LOADS of fun during the month of October.  We started our Zoo Phonics at the end of September and have been working on letter art each week.  For letter art, the Blue Birds glue beans, peas, and other small objects on a paper with that week’s letter of the week.  This activity is great for working on pincer grasp, fine motor skills, and letter recognition.  We read many books about feelings and emotions and had a great time acting out our emotions in class!  While learning about cause and effect, the Blue Birds enjoyed our water experiment.  What happens to the water when I put something in it?  What if I pick up a bottle of water and shake it?  This fun activity had the Blue Birds minds going and focused on answering and asking questions.  The activity itself was very simple but anything that gets them asking questions is great (it shows their interest and that they’re paying attention).   It was also a fantastic way to introduce them to the concept of cause and effect.  The Blue Birds had a spooky good time learning about pumpkins (how they grow and what we can do with them), and celebrating Halloween!   Thank you so much to all of the families that participated in our Halloween party and Trick-Or-Treating excursion.  A very special extra thanks to the families that have and continued to donate to our classroom.  We greatly appreciate everything!

What we will learn this month…

During the month of November, the Blue Birds will spend time studying the globe!  We have a globe in the science area of our classroom and the Blue Birds will use it to identify where we live!  The Blue Birds will also be working on their comprehension/re-call skills by answering open-ended questions after story time.  Other ways we will be working on this skill is by memorizing a song and then performing it for the class, and putting pictures of events in the order that they occurred in the story.  Later in the month, we will be discussing our families.  Each Blue Bird will share their family collage with the class and talk about their family members and all the wonderful things they do together!  At the end of the month, we will decorate the classroom for Thanksgiving and host a Thanksgiving Feast for all of our families.  We hope to see you there!  Homework will also continue this month, so please don’t forget to visit the Adventures In Learning website to print out your child’s homework!


  • Hooray for the USA
  • 50's Week
  • Thanksgiving
  • My Family, Your Family

Language & Literacy:

  • Tracking from left to right (pre-reading skills)
  • Identify & understand the parts of a book (cover, pages, author, etc)
  • Comprehension & recall. The ability to re-tell the main idea of a storing, in order.


  • Francy Fish F  f
  • Gordo Gorilla G  g
  • Honey Horse H  h
  • Inny Inchworm I  i

Social & Emotional Skills:

  • Respect
  • Speaking / performing in front of a group

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

  • Sorting, classifying & matching
  • Proximity. Understanding special relationships

Science & Social Studies:

  • National & State symbols
  • Maps
  • Diversity, People & Places

Large & Small Motor Skills:

  • Eye hand coordination
  • Pincer grasp (pre-writing skills)
  • Running
  • Cutting
  • Riding a tricycle
  • Writing name


Wow!  We have an awesome cleaning crew thanks to Tyler, Max, Dominic, Myla, and Natalia!


  1. Special thanks to all the parents who volunteered their time with our Trick-Or-Treating Event.

    Thank you to all the parents who participated in our cookie dough fundraiser!



    If any parents would like to donate Holiday stickers that would be great we can use them for art. 

    Remember to put a spoon and an ice pack in your child's lunch box. We do not provide either one.

    Please clear the lunch self every day of breakfast items.  Thank you.

    Share days are Fridays only and it needs to start with the letter of the week.

    Please remember to empty your child's cubby at the end of each day because I fill it daily. 


    Book Club – Our Favorites…

    Our favorite books are listed below:

    My Bossy Dolly, The Grumpy Morning, A Bad Case of the Stripes, Winners NEVER Quit, Shiny, Touchy, Smelly.


    Dates to Remember

    11/2 –Daylight Savings Day, Set Clock back 1 Hour

    11/10 – 50th Day of School

    11/11 – We will be closed for Veteran’s Day

    11/19 – Cookie Dough Orders delivered.  All Orders must be picked up on this date.  We will call when they arrive.

    11/19 – December Hot Lunch Orders are due

    11/21 – Fall Feast at 11 AM.  Sign-up sheets will go out 2 weeks in advance.  This is a lunch and we encourage families to join us.

    11/27 & 11/28 – We will be closed  for the Thanksgiving Holiday