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Blue Birds June News

Tustin Preschool

Look what we’ve learned!

In May the Blue Birds made a special card for mom.  The children were very happy about making it.  We also learned about insects.  We decorated a butterfly, made a bumblebee and ladybug.  We learned about the life cycle of a butterfly.  Reviewed letters K-R and their sounds.  We painted with our favorite color and made a fruit loop rainbow.

What we will learn in the month of June…

This month we will make a special gift for dad and talk about why they are special to us.  Also, we will talk about different foods and draw a picture of our favoite food.  We will also make a special snack.  We will take turns singing in front of our friends.  We will review letters S-Z and their sounds.  We will continue tracing and writing our names.  We will practice counting 1-30 through fun games and activities.


·      Fun Food Week

·      All About Dads

·      Music & Movement

Language & Literacy:

·      Matching sound to corresponding letter

·      Recognize & produce rhyming words


·      Review letter, sound and Zoo-Phonics animal for letters S through Z

Social & Emotional Skills:

·      Speaking & performing in front of a group

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

·      Sequencing & patterning

·      Count, recognize & order number 1-30 with objects

Science & Social Studies:

·      Diversity: people & places

·      Seasons

Large & Small Motor Skills:

·      Jumping, skipping, hopping & galloping

·      Balance

·      Cutting

·      Throwing & catching

Outdoor Curriculum Theme this month:

·      Music & Movement


Welcome to our class Andrea, Bailey, Carryn, Justin, Ricky, Roman & Zavdiel.  They have all been promoted from the Sunshine class.  Welcome to our new friends Camille, Shaedon, Bradley & Nathan.


Thank you to all the parents for showering us with yummy food, treats, flowers and gifts.  We are very grateful for your appreciation.



If your child has outgrown any clothes or toys feel free to donate them to us.

Please ready your child's highlights daily.

Remember to sign in and out

Please bring a crib size sheet & blanket inside a pillow case for naptime – no sleeping bags unless requested for a special activity


Dates to Remember

June 18th – Family Night will be at Chuck – E – Cheese 

June 21st – July Lunch Orders are due

June 24th – Summer program begins

We are excited to offer our special summer camp program to you once again!  There will be all kinds of special visitors and activities like: The Lizard Wizard, The Santa Ana Zoo Mobile, water play days, special arts & crafts, science & sensory activities and much more! Our summer program begins June 24th and continues until August 30th.  Calendars will be coming home soon!

We sure hope your child will be spending some time with us this summer.  Your child has worked so hard and learned so much this year.  You may want to consider reducing your child’s schedule to the minimum 2 ½ days per week instead of leaving for the summer.  Another option is to have your child participate for a portion of the summer.  Even a few extra weeks can make a difference.  Give them the benefit of school enrichment AND some great summer fun!